Serial entrepreneur Wang Xing TOP 10 business secrets

introduction Wang Xing is one of the best China product manager, Silicon Valley geekish entrepreneur. From the school network to the rice no, to now the United States Mission network, ten years of grinding, the completion of the evolution from the product manager to entrepreneurs. From the school network to defeat meituan’s success, Wang Xing from the entrepreneurial spirit, just play the feelings of distraction, to the U.S. mission network to push the business, personnel management, and other aspects of the spirit of the contract share ten business secrets.


August 2014, the U.S. group net monthly turnover exceeded 4 billion 500 million yuan. Since 2003 since the start of the business in the hands of Wang have been born in the school network, no rice network and the United States Mission network, the three sites, respectively, to lead the Chinese campus social, micro-blog and buy wave. But in addition to the U.S. mission network, campus network and Fanfou seems promising but aborted.

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Wang Xing ten years of business experience: Wang Xing is one of the best Chinese product manager, Silicon Valley geekish entrepreneur, he polished for ten years and finally become mature, complete the change from product manager to entrepreneur.

first, the light of entrepreneurship is not enough

when the school network because Wang did not complete the financing and funding strand breaks, forced to sell.

school network financing, Sequoia investors asked Wang Xing, how to make money online school, they did not want to be clear, the answer is ambiguous: the site with geographical location, you can advertise. At that time, who would like to get the SNS site to make money on the game, Wang did not think of them, so their answer, not to mention investors, even their own are not satisfied.

for this problem, Wang Huiwen, vice president of the school network co-founder and beauty group the hearts of the first reaction is not rapid growth with a large number of users, the future will have a way to make money, there is no need to discuss this problem. Investors ask how you intend to promote their answer is that students are on holiday, ready to do some activities. The investor replied, well, you go back and do it. When it comes to the price, they make millions of dollars. Investors said, you this price is not low ah. They answered, "we’ll be even more time.".

Wang Xing later to reflect on their mistakes: "the most accurate description of the entrepreneurial spirit, is the essence of the pursuit of opportunities for entrepreneurs, temporarily ignore their now control the amount of resources. But entrepreneurship is not enough, you have to communicate, tolerance is very important."


is only playing feelings go astray

Internet era is the product is king of the times, is a perfectionist with systematic advantages of the era, only a very strong perfectionism, to make the product polished so well, excellent products, the company won.

Wang Xing is one of China’s top product managers. However, to achieve this level of product manager is not a good user experience to do a good job, not something to achieve the ultimate problem

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