Experience entrepreneurial failure as long as you continue to die

reported in October 10th (compilation: hunting cloud network super Kandinsky)

in the morning after the failure of our business, I just sent the child to kindergarten. Startups fail it feels like this impact on me with a hammer hammer violently on the floor of the nuts, crushed my heart broken. At that moment, I felt like I was four years old and left me, and I never had a tear. I am sad to shout in my car, but I soon realised no worse than this. The child’s tears is just a fuse, the fuse is led to my emotional breaching of the dike. My "everything is perfect, my guy began to shell layers. Now I’m not all right, I’m a loser, I’m in a negative world. My company also suffered a very big blow, very bad. I cried off and on for the next seven days. This is my first time to run a company, but the whole company into a failure, so that the company has been a very big blow, and this blow is fatal.

fortunately, at that time, there is no job at risk, there is no investor funds online. Just a lot of people suddenly fell into despair. Life and business continues.

after this incident, I put this failure as the driving force of my work. I am still very enthusiastic about entrepreneurship. Cause I know that’s all I need.

in the next two years, I have experienced some minor failures. No failure is catastrophic, but it is not insignificant. These failures which contains a lot of things, including the bad decisions, not on the wall of mud paste bar staff, staff communication, waste products and failure results constitute my failures. The factors that cause failure sometimes overlap. It makes me feel like it’s hard to get out of bed every morning and face up to my work. Slowly developed the habit of procrastination, dragging everything, no work efficiency. It is a very difficult task to deal with the mail. Anything that interrupts my work is very welcome. These negative factors led to my work efficiency is almost zero.

what are these,


‘s careful analysis, I concluded that it was all my fault, even if I could not find it. Now looking back on the past, I had two choices: the first is to do something, and the other is what not to do.

don’t know why, I chose the latter.

shortly after that, the moment finally came, and then said how it came.

you realize you have no money and no other choice. You try to catch a hope, and the reason is simple – because of you

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