The secrets of pea pods an entrepreneurial legend after 85 CEO

January 15, 2014, pea pods announced lead investor Softbank group’s $120 million investment. I continued 4 years tracking the mobile content search startups, interpretation of pea pod growth of the secret for you: after a 85 CEO to 360 and Baidu led the team, in the attack of


September 9, 2013, pea pods co-founder, CEO Wang Junyu standing in the whole floor of the office area of the window of the Sun Zhengyi, the end of the green is full of Japanese garden, more distant is the Gulf of Tokyo. The 28 year old young man about 15 minutes on the pea pods strategy in front of Sun Zhengyi, which was interrupted, in turn to tell the future of softbank. Wearing a shirt and jeans, Wang Junyu and another co-founder Feng Feng, wearing a T-shirt, a group of people and negotiations in Western dress and leather shoes.

why Softbank


from Baidu in July 2013 to $1 billion 900 million acquisition of 91 wireless, pea pods have been asked: will sell? How high the price to sell? This year, Wang Junyu has seen the domestic and foreign companies and investment institutions, more than and 40. We do not mean that we must sell or not to sell, the business is not to sell the company, not to sell the company, just to make a thing." He mused, "which company’s technology can help us to do this if there is no?. We are now relying on the flow of the user’s reputation up, we build their own ecosystem. Giant’s product line is too long, we concentrate on mobile search, independence will be better. An independent, vigorous, and giant company, two story which sounds more drama "


of the more than and 40 investment institutions, Softbank’s high valuation, but not the highest. "I love Sun Zhengyi great courage, so big bet, put all the egg in one basket, the risk is big, the output is high, like Dezhou’s All in (all poker chips bet)." Wang Junyu said.


by one of the pea pods DCM ‘recommendation, the B round of financing, lead investor Softbank and DCM innovation works with investment, Huaxing capital acted as exclusive financial advisor. June 2011, pea pods to complete the A round of financing, DCM invested $5 million, with $3 million investment innovation workshop. There were several VC and big companies and their contact, one giant given the valuation and the amount of investment is much higher than the DCM, but the strategic direction of DCM identification of pea pods, the investment manager (now vice president of investment) each to Hu Boyu, and they talk about products and in the future, the giant pay more attention to the user the amount of pea pod existing client products and existing. Many people advised peas to accept big investment, more money, more resources to promote.

peas think differently: they hope to find 100% people to support them, and they feel like peas idea is too important, do not think people have already done enough, other people do not need ideas.


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