Discussion on GOOGLE fast included navigation website profit

is a web site navigation site navigation, web site is a static HTML simple, many people will ask this in fact not many live inside, indeed! However, do good, or the normal operation can be achieved very good profit, the navigation network is how to profit, this paper will explain. Overall, its profit model is to rely on the flow of income for the model, mainly by: search alliance advertising, recommended links, alliance advertising, to promote their own business.

1, first understand the site navigation is essentially a search to provide users with a convenient search

navigation site, navigation website to provide people with great convenience, as a lot of large sites are relatively concentrated together, as long as people can move the mouse to go to the site you want to go. The domestic navigation website templates are used in hao123, the median home is the major site of the site, in addition to providing some services such as e-mail, let hao123 users can complete the early stage of the online operation here, so he can have a good user viscosity ~

2, profit model: most of the use of advertising, sales, collection of links, a good large network guide may exist in the four models ~

network is one of the basic guide can provide a variety of effective search engine easily, if it is to join the alliance website, you can use these in the user search, click on the link, so the League will access to providers, is the site navigation, with the traffic and advertising rates, but also the station she was a composition of income ~! The most common advertising is the most common form of Google AD, because of the presence of the advertising alliance, make a lot of network navigation can easily play a variety of advertising. Keywords sales in foreign countries are relatively common, also have similar business in some professional directory, a keyword search engine like sales principle, on the one hand, at the top of each page directory to start, there will be sponsored links (sponsored links, small sites are often replaced by Google Adsense); on the other hand, associated with a navigation service operation, the sponsor will inject port, tourism can query, eLong is the search entrance, some shopping sites, can be in the online navigation occupies a prominent position, in the user navigates into these sites, when purchasing, the network will have navigation commission income, this is not a small income. Some sites in order to ~ in a better position, for example in the first position classification, will buy, this is the link charges included ~ link sales That is mainly aimed at the typical domestic architecture form page, for example in the form of first line of the first column, such as different fonts, sizes and colors to highlight some of the links. The disadvantages of this model are not specifically pointed out that these are advertising links that can easily mislead users, lose their authority, and even navigate features.

since 123 and other sites have been purchased, a large number of navigation sites emerged, the competition is very intense, you can not

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