Baidu alliance theme to promote new code to replace the old code notification

      put the old code, get rid of it, do not charge..

      distinguished alliance member:

      I’m glad to tell you that since April 9th the Baidu theme promotion of new on-line monitoring code, after more than three months, we found that the theme of the promotion of new code click rate were significantly higher than the old code.

      after 08 years in January 1st, we will completely stop billing statistics in the old code in the 07 years after September 30th, we will no longer be on an old theme promotion code optimization and upgrading, then, the style and the update and optimization will be only for the new theme promotion code, if you don’t update the code, we are going to launch the picture and you will not be able to experience the flash promotion.

      we hereby wish you in the 07 years before September 30th will promote the theme of the old code removed to replace the new code, please be sure to January 1st in 08 years ago all the old code all upgraded to the new code, so as to avoid unnecessary losses.

      want to experience the advantages of the new code, please log on to the background of the union to get new code!

      Baidu alliance development from

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