Ding Lei the sage of digital live behind the scenes and how

The "digital" magic in the network era!

The name

is probably the reason I was engaged in the occupation is relatively insulated from the technology development, of course, I could be born a lack of technology that is sensitive to Ding Lei’s conversation and not left me deep impression, until one day a year later, the name of Ding Lei just because of one thing I think again. Or above engineer of the company proposed a "withdrawal", caused a great shock and vibration in the company, it is natural to the president how to start at the beginning of a high salary and promised to dig a large stake in total, after due and how just line and let the engineer disappointed ". Shake out, really let I deeply feel a" technology "and" capital "contest — is a few years ago, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai chief researcher, President of Shenzhen and Hong Kong enjoys a certain reputation of the rich, some do not know when to be true or not, if the cash financial figures. It is vital to make me shocked, shocked me also in the imperceptibly will have a" earned one million "of Ding Lei and the chief engineer to do comparison……

may itself is just what an impulse, the subconscious will compare the chief engineer and Ding Lei, eventually had to engineer a winner, not a few days later returned to his home base – Beijing. However, this thing has brought me is really profound inspiration: in the era of knowledge economy, technology as the most concentrated knowledge of products, but also as a kind of market form of knowledge representation, the magic of it is too large, the value is too attractive!

Ding Lei simple occupation experience