Look to play traffic flow advertising alliance OK

recently found that playing flow alliance also started to do the promotion, the League last year in use, the user is old, always feel quite cool to play traffic is quite special, I used all the Union and other are not the same, I quite appreciate their program, also very love something new to him who. My station is a movie station, I used to talk about the flow of traffic to play the league, and why I have been able to do so long flow of traffic union reasons.

1, high code click rate means that I can make more advertising and traffic revenue. I hung the play flow union advertising, probably about 2.9 cents per click (because it is advertisement carousel, some advertising unit price is low), looks than some union is low, but the click rate so high ah, than that nearly 1 cents a click price but thousands of IP point less than a few times advertising to make some. I stand 5000 IP a day, one day can earn between $3 to $4. Before hanging a league advertising 8 cents a click, one day more than $1.

2, can take full advantage of the site’s IP. My position is hanging some ad code, one user at a time is directly based on the advertising price advertising, in other pages repeatedly click, but also to calculate flow integral, integral can be used as a flow return, you can also get the trading hall for cash. I am afraid that this function is only the flow of the League to play it, I do not have other alliances before, the flow of high efficiency.

3, trading hall is very active, points can quickly sell out. I hung the traffic exchange code is directly set the decline point, accumulation integral model, I have got the trading hall to sell the integral. Now the unit price is about 2 cents a IP, every time I go to the division will soon have buyers to buy, basically released transactions, half a day to complete.

4, advertising and traffic mode switch is very convenient. Play flow union support dual mode, which is advertised a dual-mode advertising on the page, I can do some advertising position, feeling the effect can not switch directly into traffic patterns, without having to access code, save the settings after the page immediately, pretty cool.

5, show the number of bits, and other features to show the location of the snapshot is very convenient. Play flow alliance provides the display snapshot function, I created a lot of shows, sometimes I am confused, the function is also good, I can see I placed in what position play flow union code.

6, play flow Union home page you declare does not deduct the amount, I do not believe that any alliance does not deduct the amount, but they do provide a real-time query click data, I often point to check their ads, click on a real-time water without my IP, each has a detailed record for friends to click on the test are also normal, so I believe. Another said that, not only is the flow of real-time query play click on the record, you can also query the past all click on the record, this is valuable, because it allows us to check the webmaster >