ron kite teach you to do code make GGAD hook station

you can not collect the station search can make money?!

your station search included few little traffic can make money?!

do you want to find a high priced GGAD match to your website? Yes!

hook can also make money? Can


is the way I taught you GG cheating? No!


would you like to make a good year? Please read it!

In fact, this is

way since I discover after telling several of his friends in the outside also slowly began to spread, but now that people should not many, that I have no, but before half a month can get $400.

first introduced in the school network, I do not know we do not know. Did not go to the campus network will not feel the campus network graffiti board DE secret that plate traffic terrible, you send a post refresh you can not find your post. Of course, a lot of people are there advertising……

OK, I teach you is to do the school network station code.

preparation: 1 find a CMS or blog to do a site, to provide the campus network code, there are hundreds of data can be,

can be collected, the search does not accept you do not matter.

2 automatically bumping a machine, the main purpose is to go to the school network related your circle to send a link to your ad, with the site, and then open the machine top posts, automatic top can set the number of seconds next, ensure your post is to see more people.

do these basic, regardless of what the search, no matter what SEO, you open the computer machine, machine

to more open, and then you can open your GGAD from time to time to see the dollar up.

Postscript: this method

I made a lot of people will certainly be scolded, because many people grab business, but there are also people must be grateful to me, because you can

has a lot of dollars to make.

don’t worry about GG account is K, because you do not cheat, to your station is legitimate traffic. I don’t have it now, because

recently made several new sites

is very depressed, but now the search is very slow!

if you say you do not have no data machine, ha ha, you think of it!

say no more! Did not write the article for a long time, to write a practical.

iron kite starts at ADMIN5.COM QQ478341

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