Point get ten million U S dollars financing heavy mode takeaway O2O rise

according to sources, the domestic takeaway O2O service providers, point me to get a number of top VC joint investment of ten million U.S. dollars, recently or officially announced.

point me to rely on takeaway food, such as Lianhua Quik started with super giant development of supermarket goods (takeaway delivery), and provide instant delivery service to run errands; "I have it as a generalized takeaway net, is one of the earliest delivery in the field of O2O company. 2012, click on me to get $2 million investment in Gobi’s first round of financing, the B round of $10 million in financing to become a takeaway O2O field another financing case.

five points to understand me

1, "little me" located in the high-end restaurant takeout business cooperation, including his grandmother, Greenwood, well-known brands such as Burger King restaurant, takeaway O2O market positioning of white-collar services, focusing on service quality, provide high-quality and convenient ease takeaway service for customers.

2, point me to provide a platform for services at the same time, also provides the logistics distribution system under the line, a merchant’s largest distribution range up to 6 km, businesses need to cooperate in food products, are important takeaway O2O platform of logistics.

3, I point no partition mode, user centric, business centric model, the maximum degree of protection of the interests of businesses to meet consumer demand.

4, "me" makes the scheduling system distributed in the city every distribution member is capable of positioning, the system will automatically according to the order, a series of algorithms to assign orders to the most reasonable distribution knight, intelligent planning the optimal route.

5, point me to rely on takeaway service accumulated operational experience and operational capacity, vigorously develop the local life in the supermarket goods delivery and other general takeaway service, solve the logistics personnel working efficiency, to ensure profitability feasibility.

regional expansion: financing will enter the Beijing

at present, "me" has been in the two important city of Hangzhou, Shanghai layout; financing after the completion point me to first consider the regional development, is expected to enter the Beijing area for the strategic position. I have it or will be the same as the Gobi counterparts (billion euros net note: Gobi Beijing’s life radius) the depth of cooperation, to seize the Beijing market,

according to the relevant data, takeaway business in Beijing accounted for 1/3, the high degree of Internet Beijing area, extremely strong demand for takeout, which can reduce the cost of education for new business users, point me to enter Beijing, using its own operational advantages, is expected to become the industry showstopper.

category development: focus on the development of the supermarket channel

"point me" is different from other takeaway site is the supermarket channel, the sales of its supermarket channel has accounted for a bit of my overall order volume of 3>

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