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Wangzhuan industry has a long time period, there have been failures, there have been successful, I will write out my failures, let everyone know Wangzhuan this industry is not so Everything is going smoothly., in fact, it is very difficult to make money! The first time I was cheated experience hang Wangzhuan, I was proprietor of a shop, because Taobao shop business is not good, so I want to use the network to earn extra money, so I see a hang of the project, as long as the first to pay 100 yuan occupation fee, can easily earn 100 yuan every day on the dream, I think so good things, and I am every day in the network, if we can make money by hook that is not pie in the sky a good thing, so I will give each other to pay 100 yuan admission fee, to She put the corresponding software for me, when I find her account and password she soon offline, then she can not see, so I think this is certainly fooled, cheated 100 yuan, because it is not a lot, so I didn’t learn


so my second deceived or hang up, because I am naive to think that since there is such a software development, there is certainly related to the market only, but he did not find the corresponding operators, so I find a look very formal website, and there is a need to hang up project 400 yuan. Just need a down payment of 150 yuan to start using the software to hang up the phone, when you make money and then pay the rest, if you want to open a VIP account, then you can also hang more money, so I bought this software, spent 150 yuan, at the same time, they give me the account and the password, they also tell me every day as long as 8 hours hanging, I just hang up through the first to earn 50 yuan of money, then the second day I began to hang, more than and 50 again, but this time they say ordinary Members can only request time to upgrade to VIP will be able to continue to hang, so I think they’re lying, but after all, because he received the money, so I apply to join the VIP, at the same time that he is only 100 yuan, after the money to pay him again, they also agreed to later, second days after the hook has earned a more than and 200, so please find them, they say to the server maintenance, can not pay, second days and second days to find them, they took my Q to delete, and again I fooled by cheat, then I am far away from the hook to make money


all day on the boring job it is not boring, so I want to do Wangzhuan, but this time it’s I cheated more money, really very depressed, I saw a website posting, said that as long as we can make money, there will be a post integral, integral you can change the currency, said to be ordinary members as long as ten thousand points can change to 3000 yuan, but also the basic salary, and shareholders as long as 1000 members can exchange points to 3000 yuan, salary also rose to 3000 yuan, a total of 6000. "

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