Gay social Blued founder Geng Le how to achieve 2 valuation of 300 million

Blued founder Geng Le (two row five left) photo with his team in the 13 anniversary of the establishment of the station network light blue.

as the world’s largest user of friends dating software, from China’s Blued last week announced the completion of the B round of $30 million financing, valuation has reached $300 million.

According to

, currently Blued 15 million users, 20% of overseas users. The founder of Geng Le from the police told the surging news, hoping to build Blued into an internationally influential gay social software, B round of financing is the final choice of the United States top venture investment institutions DCM, is the value of the influence of international resources and the international.

turning point: Li Keqiang met

"I didn’t want to make money on the web, I just wanted to tell my friends that they weren’t a disease, and they weren’t bad. I hope to be able to change Chinese gay life, including their health, I do China one of the first gay website – so blue network November 2000." Geng Le said, "early blue net also is only used to share my own stories and photos, then blue without any profit, all expenses are their wages, occasionally there will be some users donated a dozen, one hundred blue until 2007 began to profitability."

just moved to Beijing in 2009, the whole company on ten people, only 2500 to $3000 a month salary, this money is actually very difficult to survive in Beijing. But we don’t care, we are all comrades together like the outside world are as fellow sufferers, discriminating against us, many family are also in marriage, there is no way to tell the outside world and. We eat together, live on the lower berth, even in the most difficult time we didn’t want to give up, we are like one family." Geng Le said.

not only economic problems, blue network operators also from time to time from the society encountered resistance.

although there is no clear legal provisions can not open the gay website, but before 2005, Danlan had often been closed, a few days off for service providers to open. 2012 Geng Le was invited by the Ministry of health when he was vice premier of the State Council, met with Li Keqiang, which is a huge turning point for Blued. "It makes a lot of management and the news media to see the Deputy Prime Minister will also meet the founder of gay websites." When investors worry about investing in a gay Internet Co in China, there will be no government and legal risks, Geng Le will use this interview to dispel their concerns.

has not yet made any profit

with the rise of the mobile Internet, the original social networking site has gradually shifted to the mobile terminal, but for the comrades of mobile social software is still blank. 2012 Geng Le launched a location-based social software Blued, Blued on-line only 6 months with 100>

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