Entrepreneurs confession win every battle but lost the battle

this article from foreign technology blog medium.com, author Nikki Durkin. The female entrepreneurs about his business failure of the entire journey, tells the story of business failure is what kind of feeling……. Length, but definitely worth reading.


data show that 90% of technology start-ups have failed. In the early days, I never thought I’d end up like this.

One of the most valuable lessons I learned from

was that it made me realize that my ability to adapt was much stronger than I thought. I graduated from high school, set up the company, I was very naive, don’t even know what is entrepreneurship. In fact, I even start-ups is what all don’t know! I at that time the idea is very simple, is to solve a problem I have encountered: the closet is full of clothes, but still feel that they have nothing to wear.

since then, I gradually encountered all problems all entrepreneurs have experienced is co-founder of a stab in the back, the failure of financing and the usage of technology products, technology products result in problems of stagnation in sales and credit card problems, lack of funds, the user viscosity, lack of team, hired employees, wrong I don’t want to dismiss dismissed employees, the product does not meet the market demand and so on, all you can think of the difficulty, I have experienced, and it overcomes all difficulties.

but finally I failed. I won every battle, but I lost the battle.

for this venture failed, I am willing to take full responsibility. Other people in the team, although it is part of the enterprise, but the business is absolutely nothing to do with them.

media is always in the role of propaganda efforts. But they will only promote the success of those who work hard to succeed. For example, Airbnb, the first to sell breakfast, and then successfully transformed into a share of the housing business, and now their valuation has reached billions of dollars. But you rarely see in the media that those who work hard but ultimately failed to harvest. Few media reports of these founders roller coaster entrepreneurial process, not to mention the process of failure of these enterprises. However, the closure is the end result of many start-ups, and to understand the failure of others can also provide a reference for our own work.

before my business is going crazy on the network search for other startups fail reports, expect to find Similarly afflicted people pity each other. people. But it seems that entrepreneurs have been isolated from the failure of the same, Connaught big Internet, very few articles about entrepreneurial failure. Look at the people around me, whenever I open the Facebook view, other entrepreneurs in the latest news, the eye is released their new products, obtain financing or are acquired. They send photos, are entrepreneurial team

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