nternet entrepreneurship is a dream Or reality New network Trilogy to explain

Ma Yun, Ma Huateng,, and Zhang Zhaoyang…… These people succeed, the Internet business is not a dream. Pang Shengdong told you: there are many opportunities for Internet entrepreneurs, have the courage, or can do!

is it a dream to start a business? It can be said to be a dream, for those who have dreams but do not do, is just a dream, for those who have the idea to achieve, that is the reality. Excuse me, what are you,


Ma Yun, Ma Huateng,, and Zhang Zhaoyang…… These people succeed, the Internet business is not a dream. Pang Shengdong told you: "now there are many Internet business opportunities, have the courage, or you can do it!" look at those people on the Internet casts a thousand beams. crush, look at those going into the "Microsoft incubator" those investors see the passion of people, they all have common characteristics, there is a dream, tenacity and optimism and there is a sense of responsibility, dedication, but also have their own style and characteristics of different combinations of these, they start on the Internet, growth and success of all conditions. Three stories below are you insist on Internet entrepreneurs dream banner, down to earth to give you positive energy transfer, entrepreneurship is not easy, and cherish.

"ambitious" Pang Shengdong – a pouring of water and the victory of the bell has his story

a few months ago, swept the world ice bucket challenge in China Internet circles caused no small stir. Many chiefs with a bucket of cold water poured over the head of the expression of concern for people getting cold. That group of people, there is a frame with metal frame glasses of the middle-aged man, dressed casually standing barefoot on the rooftop of their own, smiling jokes, a bucket of water side. He is not much like a businessman, but he is a bit of a scholar.

will be a little faster time, one day in September, a Chinese company officially listed on the nyse. Eight non staff team sounded the sound of victory, but also the birth of the new Chinese richest man, temporarily attracted hot.

this is not a matter of two things. It can be said that this is part of a person’s story. That person is the IT sector of the legendary boy, is China’s first batch of contact with the Internet, is a person who ran the Internet 17 years marathon.

is the heroic age, the Internet is just the rise in China, new things and the future potential of the development trend of circle into a large number of early Internet entrepreneurs. Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, Robin Li, and Shi Yuzhu, but also he – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -. In 1997, Pang Shengdong became one of the first batch of people who came into contact with the Internet in china. Small achievements, smooth, light in the model under the shadow of his ring, even when the adventure of the Internet early adopters, "luck" has also been good. When he graduated, in Chinese first Internet Co Ma Yun Chinese pages done 6 months sales, and has the labor department Internet operator certificate, make the job easier. Although there is only a brief intersection, the two >

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