Analysis of AdSense Revenue respect for foreign owners easier to make money

When the

station independent IP more than 50/ days, I will Google AdSense on the website is up to, according to my idea, before IP reached a daily average of 200, do not take the initiative to go outside for the monthly advertiser, of course, if a customer Huiyanshizhu, I am still willing to sell a few blocks to his. The purpose of putting AdSense is to take this opportunity to study the next AdSense learning tips.

seems a little far off. On AdSense every day, continuously update the 1-3 article, the site within a month, like "car", "auto loan" of these keywords in Baidu and Google have the top of the ranking, and sometimes there will be in the first place. Relying on search engines, but also to a lot of traffic, the average daily AdSense also can have a few cents per game, the highest point, more than 1 knife.

in the background analysis, I found the AdSense high income, a few days there is such a phenomenon, that is a foreign IP over, sometimes is Australia, sometimes British, these "international friends" every time, my AdSense income is too low in the day. So, it was very easy to get a conclusion that foreign users when browsing the web, more willing to click on ads on your site, and not like me, others see the website linked to the "Google AdSense, all over the mountains and Plains" is not willing to go to check it, thanks to practical action to provide wonderful website content for our webmaster.

as a webmaster, I believe we will often hear of a foreign website every day how high the AdSense income, but we do not know if you have not noticed the reasons behind this phenomenon. It is true that the high price of foreign websites every click AdSense, but this is not the main reason to make less money in china.

to make money than foreign owners have the main reason for the gap is that the domestic webmaster and Internet users do not know how to respect and gratitude. The simple truth is like ZAC wrote in his book, foreign Adsense reprint of others or others, often marked source article in the content, but in China, this is a joke, fools do; in other countries, people often go to church washing soul, grateful, most people believe in "pay more than happy harvest" doctrine, is willing to provide click with the owners in the form of advertising, to give feedback to help these website operators. In China, most of the owners are trying to figure out the viewer’s psychological and browsing perspective, to put advertising in the eye-catching place, attract click. And when these webmasters in the view of other people’s Web site, I do not know as well as I would like to point to his advertising, point he earned!

In fact,

, Google in AdSense, there is the same karma, if you try not to click on the others on the site of their useful advertising, their AdSense income will never go higher, after all, to pay.

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