An analysis of the economic philosophy of making money on the nternet

I remember an economist who has such a brief analysis of the world developed behind the country’s economic model: backward countries usually is the production of raw materials and the development of Chinese this is the processing of raw materials, the developed country is the ultimate product appearance. Developed countries with low prices from poor countries to buy raw materials, and then use the cheap production according to their own patented technology and labor force, and finally produced something to sell at high prices to the backward countries and developing countries.

on the Internet, there are such an economic model, grassroots webmaster like backward countries, they are producing IP production. The advertising alliance can be said to be a developing country, and the owner of the product is the developed country on the internet. They put their money into the advertising alliance. Then by the advertising alliance with low prices to buy IP grassroots webmaster, and finally produced more and more economic benefits. As a backward country grassroots webmaster, have a word called backward will be beaten. So grassroots hard to produce the IP, and ultimately in the advertising alliance where there will be a crazy amount of K or even the tragic events.

reading this I believe we understand a truth, the Internet real money people are those who have the products, I have contacted a Adult supplies independent operators, there are many advertising his website, and he cast advertising willing to spend money, an advertisement usually 2000IP station a month a he can give you the price of six hundred or seven hundred. But your site as long as a month to bring him 1 single volume, he had to earn. Also, like Taobao off, usually when we hear a certain so that a few thousand dollars a month, but in the promotion of thousands of back, the shop, he earned how much?

I am writing this article is mainly to and share your opinions, when a lot of grassroots webmaster to do what the site lost money, it may be more empathy, more understanding of some other industries covered many other types of network model to make money, so that we can find out the network to make money, not to web site.

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