Shop a month from zero credit to five heart experience sharing

from May 8, 2009 officially operating for more than a month now, a short period of time, from zero to store credit has five hearts, for a novice sellers, which is particularly worthy of share this feeling.

novice shop, zero credit is indeed a difficult start, how to make customers willing to buy your products in your shop? Customers generally have a psychological, willing to spend more money on shopping credit high store is not willing to zero in a store credit.

now talk about the experience of my own experience (published on

a, commodity

goods in a store is a very important factor, how to choose to let customers willing to spend money to buy goods is particularly important. Now a lot of brand counters clothes are expensive, a common T-shirt is a few hundred dollars is indeed a high consumption. The shop is the choice of ochirly brand of foreign trade clothing, first ochirly is a female love brand, compared to a lot of Ruili Korean version of the more eye-catching. A lot of girls go to the counter to see the clothes will come online Amoy clothes.

two, price

this should also be a factor in the core, so many people online shop, the price is an important factor to consider the customer, every time a new baby I will set a reasonable price, the search for other similar the same clothes store pricing, the price will be a little lower as possible. See a lot of stores will set the price was particularly high, at the beginning of the shop do not have to think of business profits, reasonable price, commodity prices are the basic profit shop in less than 10 yuan, small profits is the key.

three, quality

needless to say that the quality of a good return on the natural more, although it is not to say a few dollars to spend a lot of money, but also to feel the value of customer psychology, the price to be high ten.

four, service attitude

customer is God, we must be friendly to every customer to come to the store, maybe she does not buy things, but after the conversation will find you very friendly next time may come to patronize. Be sure to answer customer questions. Can not be vague with "may" "I am not very clear," these vague statements to answer, let the customer feel trust. The shop this time, often to bargain shop clothes MM, profits are just a few dollars, one thing for me to bargain does make me a headache, but not in front of the customer side very impatient, also must seriously and the customer opened the store to make credit more small is more important than money, is not profiteering, slowly conversation can also let the customer believe.

five, after-sales service issues

do not take your clothes when the customer delivery that finished oh. Next is a place where your service is in place, must be more closely

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