Zhang Xiangdong’s visit to entrepreneurs how to achieve success

according to the exact news, jiubang digital upcoming November 22nd Nasdaq, 13 this month, its founder Zhang Xiangdong went to Hongkong to participate in the roadshow, the subscription has greatly exceeded expectations.

Zhang Xiangdong as co-founder of digital jiubang, had the media reporters, he presided over the 3G portal technology channel "entrepreneurs entrepreneurs dialogue" column, and published a Book of the same name. He has interviewed many entrepreneurs, he is how to look at entrepreneurship, look at the experience of other entrepreneurs also read quite interesting. Here are some of the works he has offered to the startup, and the following are the following.


(pictured as car home Li Xiang)

car home: Li Xiang – are not poetic business

Li Xiang defined his business is three business flow, the portal is the second business, is a first-class business platform. Bubble network is his first venture, he chose the three flow model; car home is the decision of 2005, he still chose the three flow. "Heaven is not for it."."

Li Xiang was labeled "80" symbol, the number of magazines on the number of topics, how many TV programs. He started to hide, that is a market promotion when this premeditated premeditated, let him get as popular entertainment stars, the rate of appearance, this seems to be concealed in mind, Li Xiang is not evasive. He and the media together to operate the "conspiracy": the media has a topic, bubble nets and car home has a reputation.

spotlight, had not heard Li Xiang how sensational, great goal. He only said he wanted to do these things, for their own value. He is a public figure, but he represents himself and his business.

other companies for investment, as far as possible to let the public imagination figure a little, Li Xiang would say, not so much; he is to see a large number of magazines, information, his book too much nonsense, basically do not see.

The first round of venture China

in the Internet crowd, all doing platform dream, trying to, arduous, unwilling in a simple business model, to toss to an endless imagination to.

we use a variety of ways to explore the direction of life, constantly reflect on, question, upgrade, force yourself. But Li Xiang, it’s a constant self affirmation – that’s what I am, and that’s what I want.

is not good or bad, the gap is not a gap. Their tolerance, have been able to accommodate another value.


(pictured storm Feng Xin)


Feng Xin: the entrepreneur is to deal with difficult

"what is the biggest difficulty you have encountered and how to deal with it?"

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