am a single small business brought about by the good income earn a bit

Today is really a bit cool today, because the same customer turnover of a few single business, a single and a single big yo? Tempting?

    today it is normal and the usual morning opened his eyes and ran out of the office, no time to eat breakfast (not that I’m late, but I generally do not eat)

to the office first thing, what? Open the computer? No, my computer never shuts down, haha, what? You say it will break it? Not afraid, the computer company

VPN very useful yo, I like this every day, so I can not shut down the computer, as well as the company’s office file storage server will not shut down, because I want to install the system or

install software to find software on the server, how to realize these? To this information or experience and I can talk about ichishi.

I don’t put

second things open display, third pieces of course is the same as you, QQ, fourth, and SKYPE MSN, I don’t. Because few people use;

politely greeted first, but she did not return (I use this to her, because she is a MM), well, do not go back. Don’t disturb her, because I know that time is money, I also hope to work

I as usual answer "yes, what a thing can help you?"

"can not, because the market can dish on the bargain, and this is the result of energy, can not bargain, and demonstrate exactly the same, can give you a demonstration and testing"

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