Money making patterns in China

      1, business news and information, such as Sina,, earn money advertising spots.

      2, business information, such as the Yellow Pages model of enterprise information classification model, the world executive model of network information to the publisher charges.

      3, the spirit of the product, such as novels, professional papers, to the reader charges.

      4, the operation of information intermediaries, such as Baidu, GOOGLE and other search engines, to business information publishers charge.

      5, business experience products, such as online games, video, entertainment gossip, the user of the product and earn money advertising spots.

      6, download information, such as movies, MP3, customized ringing tone, the user fee based information.

      7, business communication (intercourse) platform, such as B2B, B2C, C2C website, to the seller charges.

    8, business platform for the exchange of ideas, such as blog and Forum web sites, advertising spots to make money.

      9, the operation of personal communication platform, such as, such as friends, clubs, clubs, membership fees, and the cost of activities under the line.

      10, to provide services for individual users, such as IM QQ and mailbox 126, advertising spots to make money and money value-added services.

      11, the operation of individual users of technical products, including software, hardware, earn individual buyers and manufacturers of money.

      12, for the enterprise to provide technical products and solutions, to earn money for technical products and full service.

      13, pure advertising network, individual users will click on paid advertising, earn money, for example by network.

      14, business intelligence products, for example, Witkey wiki, consulting, training, to the wisdom of the user fees.

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