Weebly founder 5 things you need to know before starting a business

Like many startups,

, the site creation and hosting service company, Weebly was born in a college dorm. Back in 2006, CO founders David Rusenko, Chris Fanini and Dan Veltri wanted to show their website works in a simple way. They were not satisfied with the available options, so they began to create their own services. A year later, their project was received by the start-up company incubator Y Combinator, and Rusenko, Fanini and Veltri dropped out of school and moved to San Francisco.

rapid development to the present: 15 million people have created the Weebly website, each month has 100 million people to visit the Weebly website. Since the beginning of 2009, the company has been profitable, the existing staff of 80 people.

aspiring entrepreneurs how to do what he did seven years ago, and the success of an idea into a business, here are the Weebly CEO David Rusenko proposed the 5 point proposal.

starting today

what is a great idea to become the biggest obstacle to a successful business? Rusenko that is irresolute and hesitant. "A lot of the time, to think about what I can do is a waste of time, not a real start." He said. "Your idea is not necessarily perfect – it is impossible." So don’t indulge in every detail, but "know where it’s going, and adapt to it over time," Rusenko suggested.

don’t expect overnight success

technology industry is full of success stories. Rusenko insists that most of them are purely false. When a company may, with the rapid expansion of media reports, seemingly overnight money – in fact it is often after years of hard work behind the results. "Your company in three months what did not happen? You need to remember that we spent more than a year to fully adapt to the Y Combinator." Rusenko said. "From now on, but you have to understand that it will be a long and difficult process."

in the past failed to start on the basis of

this brings us back to Rusenko’s point of view: hard work rarely gets instant rewards, but it can create amazing opportunities for the future. The most successful entrepreneurs have been working hard for many years, Rusenko said. This is not always directly related to their current work, but they have tried a number of creative." He pointed out that, before the Ben Silbermann finally achieved great success in Pinterest, the development of the unsuccessful app Tote (application package) >

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