Gold station PS collection to Wangzhuan can not map for students

PS "I know you very much! But not to PS collection for Wangzhuan students." This is my 3 years ago with a webmaster do Wangzhuan training dialogue. She has corrected, and become a famous graphic designer, but also my good friend. Narrowing the scope here, and my words are "she", then Lenovo has done Wangzhuan training, is the circle should know who it is. After that, she made a public apology, and refund the training fee.

PS collection map is not PS her own collection, but PS students receiving map, and that is a student. At that time, only to do the training of several people inside the same forum, the impact is not large. But the charges are relatively high. At that time, she and we are engaged in electronic auction, the level is very high, at least we recognized this circle. Several students are also those who want to engage in the auction, but do not know how to get started. She quietly for a while, we do not know a few things, because the forum is not big, but there are thousands of members. But she is high, does not mean that the level of teaching students is also high. So, only the PS false.

but when we went out to play with her one day, she offered to ask us for help. In fact, this taught them things, she has to teach to teach. But not Wangzhuan replication template can be successful. To some extent, it is not cheating, but PS student collection map, there is a lure in the composition of the inside. Her conscience could not bear the condemnation, and took the initiative to admit mistakes. So, I also have that sentence: "not to PS collection for Wangzhuan students".

and the reason I’m writing this today is that I see a website that seems to have seen the shadow of the past. Honestly, I seldom go to see other domestic Wangzhuan site, in addition to the fixed two or three. The way to understand the domestic Wangzhuan site, and usually make friends exchanges to know the. I get to know the origin of Wangzhuan site, he consulted me of this station is real map collection.

In fact,

, determine whether the collection is true, or to determine whether a picture is PS, is a very simple thing.

1, the most simple way is to enlarge the picture, the general poor point of the PS gimmick, in the 10 magnification can be clearly seen. Take the original CF, for example, there is no shadow without multiple colors, there are no different and original.

2, a more professional approach: the use of the data missing scan part of the 32 part of the key to see if there is no IND, for the discovery of missing data due to changes.

The analysis of

3, the original field of color, is the original color, there is no picture modification trace.

4, so that the image differential analysis tools to analyze whether the normal range of photo data, whether there is any image modification tool data tag.

5, original >

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