From minus 2600 to plus 2000 Wangzhuan Road

read a lot of friends of the article, but also to write an article today to talk about their experiences and lessons, I hope to give a friend to wake up, but also hope that some of their own experience can help friends.

I was about 6 months ago contact Wangzhuan 2 years ago, Taobao had opened the shop, then the business is not good, closed, figured, earned 200 dollars. Oh, earn less so off.

exact starting Wangzhuan should be 6 months ago, when the Internet is always right, the more I feel boring, just like in the above with some things out, earn a little money, then do not know what reason, met a project, Ziddu make money, and then began to buy traffic to brush brush, a period of time, found that deduct the cost of money, ha ha, to increase their confidence, thus embarked on this path.

later found in the industry, not a website of your own is not good, so he started learning website, went to the bookstore and bought a CD, the value of 12 yuan, what is the name of personal website example, buy it, probably know the process, then by a friend, know the A5 station network, so every day global A5 has become like sleeping and eating must be done. One day in the A5 found a person selling station (later proved that this person is a liar) he noted earnings at that time there was no website to sell, fraud prevention awareness, trust him, 500 bought his station, he later said, bought the station not useless, and 500 bought one of his space, spent a total of 1000 yuan. A painful lesson, later told this story to an online friend, he shouted, I cheated, that would teach me how to build, I moved to death, but to spend 100 dollars as a reward, I think it should be, give, he sent me a PHP168. Later, I never see him on QQ. At this point, I almost died, depressed for a long time, but because of Ziddu’s money, let me believe that this thing will be able to make money.

then I just can’t stop learning, all Wangzhuan tutorial, tutorial site, computer a lot, one day, found a lot of good projects, he began to study the project, also wrote many articles, then to understand the group, began to force myself to write 2 articles every day, an industrial venture project, a project Wangzhuan can be thought of, also can be the actual operation experience.

to 09 years in July, joined a website, also specifically asked the graph king, the king said map can also, so I spent 3000 yuan to join VIP, the name of the site is not reported, they said they were going to make me into a master, I wonder, when I make a fortune to later. Find facts and advertising inconsistent, they teach, as well as myself to see free video, then teach me to do a website, just 10 minutes, and then said almost, which began later offensive, give me a refund, refund half, so I lost a total of 2600 yuan.


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