Experienced about two months from zero to 3000 of the monthly income of Wangzhuan Road

for a long time did not share the article on the forum, as a result of the past few days joined the working group to complete the task assigned by the devil teacher. Oneself also is a part-time job, so time is more nervous. The second camp is about to begin, the brothers were eager to see the group, or psychological pressure.

write the benefits of the original article is immediate, there are a lot of acquisition stations will give you an automatic collection of the past, and then there are some people active dissemination. Invisible to achieve the effect of personal marketing. Share a little of his own do Wangzhuan these years today’s personal experience. I is not a successful Internet entrepreneur, see hard to avoid become shallow, and the reference for the novice brothers.

in order to achieve some progress and achievements on the network, the first step is to determine the clear objectives and positioning. With the goal to have the direction of struggle. Remember when you just contact Wangzhuan, because there is no direction. Looking for a number of outdated projects to operate, there is no patience to learn the basic knowledge. So wasted a lot of time and energy, in the end did not get the actual benefits. Beginner is blundering, this is understandable. I want to make an immediate adjustment, one step at a time. The basic things are to understand, some understanding of the formation of their own will in the process. Let nature take its course, it will be able to find its own position and goals, but also the ability to fight for it.

after a long, random project, I realized that I was wrong. It was not until recently that I was exposed to a teacher’s book on the internet. So I decided to start from the beginning of e-commerce and sustainable development projects, from the source of the efforts of thinking. The first thing I think of is to shop on Taobao to sell products, after a few days to consider. I don’t think this is a good fit for me. I personally think that through the development of the shop to the end must have their own unique resources, have their own competitiveness. So I would like to start from a small place, do some regular product promotion more reliable. Can also exercise their ability.

I know there are a lot of friends in the Taobao guest, but I personally do not recognize. I come into contact with a number of people in reality, to a large extent, are aware of the quality of Taobao to sell things are a certain problem, the description is too exaggerated, fakes flooded the entire Taobao market. So I did not choose the first mother Ali Taobao customer promotion platform, I chose to promote the achievement of the network CPS. Advertisers are some of the major brands of businesses, regardless of quality and reputation has been done to a certain extent. I chose in the market has formed a brand recognized products to promote, such as DHC cosmetics, Jingdong mall digital products. Early also did not build a website. Because he has accumulated a lot of local QQ group, my character is more active, to mingle with the people in the group. So I carried out QQ group promotion. But it’s not the way to advertise, but the first to actively chat with everyone

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