How to earn from 1000 to 10000 Alliance is the best way out

Like attracts like., although each webmaster Birds of a feather flock together., strange, but I believe there are common interests and common pursuit. How to become bigger and stronger, this is every webmaster to consider the issue, like hao123, such a successful personal stand, after all, a few, we have to think of a good way out.

is now a lot of people are facing a problem, hard work, day in and day out to do boring repetitive site management work, there are still too many owners not only can’t earn money, even the website traffic are not do not go up, confidence will be greatly reduced, or even give up. There are a lot of traffic flow, more painful, the road ahead is not spacious, can not give up, after all, we have to pay the sweat, time, energy, youth and money. It’s a relief to see thousands of visitors every day, but the income from the website is still few and far between. At first to encourage themselves: as long as there is traffic, the site will have value, income will increase, but the long-term in a low-income stage, will inevitably be sad.

GG Adsense, a lot of stationmaster income started to increase, seemed to find a way out, because of the obvious advantages of GG advertising is highly paid, I put on my blog and the average income is 0.9 yuan / times, it is indeed gratifying. The problem is that now the case of GG as before, traffic and service, advertising and customer groups in their image are lower than before several grades, according to reports Chinese now GG users from 30% – 35% down to about 15% now, it has no effect on Adsense there are many webmaster said? Can do Baidu, Ali mama advertising ah, this I agree, but Baidu alliance application is difficult, easy to be K, Ali mother again how blowing can not change compared to the previous two behind one level of reality, made guest people know that a few people are through your advertising links in eventually bought products? More important is the Baidu alliance and Ali mother advertising alliance (now called Taobao alliance, Ma Yun. See the GG out of a chance, so focus on the promotion of the network The station has changed the price is really poor, I put on my site, Baidu’s average 0.1 yuan, Ali’s mother’s $0.05, GG $0.1, the gap can be imagined.

in the face of such confusion, how should we face?.

(1) allows traffic overlay. Site traffic is the survival and development of Tencent, NetEase, Sina, one of the country portals are let a traffic increase website, so as to enrich and expand the scale of website content. We have to go their way now, too difficult, why not act in a diametrically opposite way, by now the advantage of the website, to ensure your flow at the same time, let more site traffic overlay, a combination of a large portal, unified management, unified management.

(2) allows power to stack. Many of our webmaster is gun fighting, what.

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