Yu Minhong four elements of entrepreneurship emotional intelligence breakthrough thinking busine

I dark horse: the rapid onset of entrepreneurial tide on the occasion, Yu Minhong, chairman of the New Oriental Group, Peking University students have poured a pot of cold water. Recently, Yu Minhong in the "Chinese entrepreneurs summit 2014" said: "don’t think entrepreneurship is easy for those of us who succeed in business, always talk about success and benefits of this wonderful, like a love of successful people tell you, love is not difficult, you try. Is every woman playing a slap in the face. Successful people are always good at telling their own stories of success, so they want to pour cold water on entrepreneurs.

, a lot of students asked me, how to start a business success? How to quickly start the market, but few students asked me, how to study in Peking University, is how to participate in student activities. This shows that the student’s attention is no longer on the matter." In Yu Minhong seems to want to create a big industry in the future, not necessarily in the school age to start a business. Reading and making friends are the most important things in a university. Reading has been the basis of knowledge, and friends can learn to get along with people, learn tolerance, learn generosity, learn to appreciate.

"in college, students should have 5 or 10 books to read over and over again, whether it’s a book or a book. Read to the end, put the book into your own thoughts, and can speak their own language, this reading is tasty." Yu Minhong said that when he was in Peking University, he had lived in the hospital for a year because of tuberculosis. This year, he read a total of 200 books, wrote a poem of more than and 200, carrying thousands of English words. "This is the foundation of my English teacher in china."

in his opinion, the second important thing is to make friends. "The core content of college friends is to learn to get along with people, China’s university dormitory where 6 people, which is extremely beneficial to students. If a person can get along well with his classmates in the University for four years, he has cultivated the ability to get along with people all his life. Because business is to get along with people." These students are likely to be the future of the business partners.

Yu Minhong entrepreneurial elements will be summarized in four aspects: first, emotional intelligence, the breakthrough is the thinking of the second, the business judgment is the fourth, the long-term ability of the third.

EQ is mainly reflected in three aspects: the first is the ability to fully believe that the second is concerned about the feelings of others can

force, third is to facilitate the ability of the public, the combination of the three called team ability. Because only these three abilities can be a long time to gather the team members."

second is a breakthrough thinking. In the case of risk control, have the courage to try. Willing to have homes have to get. Third is to do things, always ask yourself, there is a better way. There is nothing that can’t be done better! "There was an entrepreneur who didn’t like to learn from childhood

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