Depth analysis of the conflict between BBS habit and blog and Digg

" —BBS in the top 1 top; " ", I think this is the top; " the content is better than digg " " Digg, the top; form more gorgeous, why? In BBS " in addition to the first list of top " it also released the function. Contribution to the content, while Digg is the expression of the " ". Posted to the list of likes and dislikes; head is a " utility; " demand, and the contribution of content is the self realization. So in this respect, I think Digg is a bit of curry favour by claptrap.

2 list —BBS is playing the title of the party, " " blog and Digg are abstract, from the point of view of efficiency, blog and Digg is better than natural, but (contradictions, laugh) what we want? We want to be popular, is that web2 is convenient for him, but he is so lazy… Or optimistic. Say, a lot of people don’t have a good habit; practically, many people still cling to the habit of BBS. The title of the party that I’m tempted into, look at the same time I also saw the reply, and the double content. A lot of information content? Is very simple to say clearly, but I can’t see through the discussion on the complex caused by a very simple concept, but because you convenient to him, but the achievements of his lazy….

3 —BBS is very important to reply reply in form, and the form of posters, the content is often posting more. And we see blog and Digg to the status of replies is reduced, from the form, they are not visible, I have to say, this reduces the degree of stimulation. Reply on the other hand, blog and Digg content of the page layout is not good, BBS have something for everyone to plan to a box of one of their own, while blog and Digg rich " convenience measures " the whole page is very fragmented. From BBS habits said, I have a habit of the replies in this box of consciousness condition, while blog and Digg replies consciousness (subconscious) have not yet formed.

4 who —bbs, blog and Digg at the end of the final cut-off is a person, but bbs- has a lot of bamboo, these people bear most of the work, responsibility and honor, they make the BBS more like everyone, while blog and Digg looks like is for people, this is a a matter of habit, we are more willing to talk about the topic in the square. Besides, BBS is a team of blog and Digg or the performance of the individual.

A: discuss why users will be Digg, how will he Digg effect? The problem of power.

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