FeedBurner RSS advertising revenue analysis

      a few days ago, FeedSky launched the latest display advertising service, this service and Feedburner Ad Networks (FAN) is very similar, the operation mechanism is similar, because I have joined the FAN in September last year, the use of the advertising service has almost a year’s time, this ad the effect also has some understanding, today, I combine my FeedBurner last month with advertising data to talk about Feedburner Ad Networks advertising effect.

ad type

      FAN is divided into two types of advertising, one is put on the Feed RSS advertising, display an advertisement in the Feed content behind, the other is put in the blog on the website of Site advertising, the advertising from the perspective of the form and common web banner advertising similar. At present, I see these two types of advertising are based on pictures, of which the size of Feed advertising is 468× 600 of the picture, the site Site advertising for 300× rectangular image of 250.

delivery mode

      advertising and Review is similar to Me, advertising is driven by advertisers, FeedBurner as an intermediary, between advertisers and Blogger, advertisers choose the most appropriate one after Blogger can advertise to the middle of this, FeedBurner will receive part of the cost.

advertising unit price

      usually, advertisers put advertising on the Site price slightly higher than the price of the ads on Feed, Site price is $5-8 /CPM, that the advertising picture shows 1000 times, can get 5-8 dollars, but according to my data, FeedBurner received a part of from the cost, the actual can yield about $3 in advertising website /CPM, the actual income Feed is $2 /CPM. in spite of this, the price of CPM is much higher than the domestic price of the same type of advertising.

regional advertising

      obviously, the advertising effect can bring the actual Chinese flow is very small, so most of the FeedBurner advertising have geographical limitation, only some calculation in Europe and the United States advertising display, so the content of Chinese blog, profit is the premise of advertisers put without regional restrictions on advertising, including regional restrictions on advertising, typically there is no actual display quantity, it is a pity that most of the ads I’ve received are of this type of advertising. >

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