After the decline in the rankings a master’s exit and a rebirth of the webmaster

from Baidu Scindapsus algorithm on the line, most of the site in the sandbox, the website is Baidu drop right, some web site directly by K off, resulting in most of the webmaster panicked, before using the black hat techniques are not used to, are earnest to write some the original article, pay attention to the user experience, while doing so, ranking fell, because some owners just know not to send spam links, not to hang black chain, not to trade links, the content is not to excessive optimization. But there are some hidden factors will cause website ranking drop, so Lin Jianhui suggested that we should search engine from the point of view to analyze what cause website ranking drop, Lin Jianhui today to tell you about all the factors, the decline in ranking websites.


do SEO has a lot of uncertainty, such as the site’s ranking is not to do it can not guarantee to go down. As a result of all sorts of factors, the rank of the website can fluctuate up and down, so when the rank of the website suddenly falls down, how should we analyse the reason among them?.

1: content as well as 301 cheat

in the first half, several Lin Jianhui collection site, the weights are good, is very good, a month ago, Baidu down the right, ranking no, I was not at all surprised, think it is time, so those who hold a long standing attitude, to remind you a word, just not to the time, so that everyone is to write some articles on the acquisition of yourself, will eventually have to be treated, wrote this think of a thing, someone asked me, now it is not cheating with the jump, I do not say this as you know, is to rely on some black hat cheating. Take a stand ranking and weight increase after 301 jump to another with a white hat Optimization Website, this means to tell the truth, in the past can be, now, Baidu can not clear


2:URL and 404 page

first check the internal path of the site URL design structure is reasonable, in general, the URL path to the design of some short, so that the search engine spiders crawling and crawling content. If the design is not reasonable, there is no rule of the site will be relatively poor collection, low natural impact on the rankings. And every day or every week to check the site’s dead link, see if there are a large number of dead links and invalid connections, these connections will affect the user and engine spider experience. This phenomenon slowly let the search engine spiders antipathy, will affect the site included, the worst case website will be right down, check the dead links to webmaster tools can query, if the term does not check the website ULR dead links lead to death too much, and you happened to have to do 404 pages (Lin Jianhui suggest that you must do 404 pages, this is the search engine, it suggested) your site’s ranking can not


3: site vulnerability >

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