Taobao customer first quick guide to share

this period of time I recently made Taobao and has earned money to sort out the experience to share with you, but also willing to make more friends. In fact, this is my rookie level, you can see Ali mother’s income rankings, a weekly income of tens of thousands of expert is a lot there, I will do every day hundreds of.

the first step: how to choose high-quality promotional products

reference to the main parameters: the promotion of high profit merchandise 30 days to promote the amount of credit rating of the store buyers. These are the details of things, for example if you choose the user evaluation evaluation commodity pages are different, will affect the customer’s desire to buy, or even abandon the purchase, master wasstressed details.

second steps: the selection of keywords (here refers to your single page or your website keywords)

general principles: to avoid the high degree of competition keywords, choose accurate and search volume is also good keyword.

recommended tools: Baidu index Google keyword query tool

The third step:

2003, recommend the use of a single page

quickly copied other people’s procedures at the same time to replace the style, color change, for the layout, for pictures.

fourth step: Taobao guest page SEO keyword layout and the construction of the chain

in the second step to choose the key words in the layout and construction of the chain and important, while not forgetting the high quality of the chain.

fifth step: clever use of hidden functions to achieve real-time update site

update us in this step, we also keep the page clean, let the user cannot see our original limited space in the article can write some summary of things, hope that more exchanges, analysis more and better experience, if the need for detailed information please add QQadmin5 release, attached to my station welcome to contact QQ:504179058


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