Website does not necessarily rely on P to make money

see this title, will say is soft ~ but soft, see what ~ before where I saw an article on the IP twenty, a month can earn thousands of dollars, at that time I also feel unbelievable, finished only after the original " not all sites have to rely on IP eat "

sites do not rely on IP to eat? No traffic without IP can make money? Oh, it depends on your site is what, if your station is the kind of popular entertainment website, navigation, news, download and so on that way, by the IP want to make money, it is almost impossible, of course, all people are not all websites just can do… Well, the crap… My station is not popular is that, like marketing, now I understand it, is to sell products, I rely on the customer to eat, not by IP. IP is not equal to money!


went to a few companies, website maintenance promotion, found that people are relying on a website to sell products, they also afford a dozen people, I am really depressed, and found that the business is not how ah. There is not the products of their production, agent only. But they are selling products more than ~ three or four times cost I found a lot of companies like this, then I think, why don’t I do such a business website, do a little better, do not come to it, but also that it is a great company! It was so decided, but sell what product is good, then quit orders do at home, but not a " then the facade " do not have well, one or two months passed quickly… The heart anxious ah, mom also hurried to go to work, ah…

later, I found on the Internet, found here is a factory production, in my near sales, but there is no site… And I of the product sales was more interested, because feel money " " exit… Call to them say, say the website can bring them much extra sales, but also do not have to invest what, there can be a website, let me do the network sales agent of this one, and what they need to do is only to allow me to put up their company information, what others do not use, customers will see it or take the goods came straight here, I can get the money is over, sales agent price ~ told us all about good, began to do it, it was a small company, but it is definitely a big website from the strength of the company’s website, hang up, On the promotion of ah, what, nor to engage in those IP useless what, but sometimes active call customers, in fact the largest no fifty IP, sometimes several dozen, ha ha, but IP is more useful for. So, after ten days since I have contacted the customer, the first customer to earn four more than K, the excited ah.. but it is a client. Ha ha, not every day to earn four K (it?)… "

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