A graduate of the college students who start the wind and electricity business grassroots

in 2010 after graduating from University, it did not like the other students through the interview into an Internet business. But embarked on a self – employment this painful and happy road.

because the university is a professional e-commerce learning, of course, is also the choice of entrepreneurial projects electricity supplier.

started with a C store on Taobao. From Wuhan, Hanzheng Street wholesale market popular women’s wear. From the first day of business will be neither hot nor cold. 1 or 2 bills a day. A good time to have 4, 5. But it’s hard to make a breakthrough. Finally, the credibility of the drill, you can drive. But the effect is not as good as imagined. Later learned to optimize the key words, and finally in the store to open half a year, through the search and the train to the flow, every day can be transformed into 8 to 10 single. But from this time on, the state began to maintain the six months. This road go like this year, gesture, a chicken ribs.

my summary of Taobao is easy to single out. As long as the picture looks good, the price is reasonable, often online, from the start can be single. Every single day is easy to do. But to do a lot, requires a lot of cost, but Taobao customers are not loyal. They buy things unified entrance, just Taobao home page and search, no one will remember your store. The service is good, does not mean that the next return. Taobao do better, but also to accumulate resources for Taobao down, even if a few years of hard work, there is no customer is really belongs to you.

figured this, I determined to give the Taobao, I started the independent road network. In July 2011, I opened my first independent mall. Still sell women.

independent mall unlike Taobao, because the search ranking is not high, almost no traffic, the beginning of a month, a single No. From the beginning of second months, the flow of traffic from Baidu gradually more up, it began to have a single. When the mood is met. A wonderful life is about to begin. The actual situation is the same. Because my women’s price is relatively low, the quality is good enough, good style, a lot of repeat customers. I repeat the purchase rate of more than 40%, which opened on Taobao C shop is impossible. So after about 5 months, every day can be a single piece of about 20~30. Less than a year’s earnings of 400, more than the time reached almost more than 1 thousand.

I was about to start asking employees to make the business really bigger when a new problem – peer attack. The site was used by the DDOS means to attack the paralysis, I changed the server, he attacked the new server. So the site is almost half a month can not open. And Baidu on the collection, but also gradually reduced. Wait until half a month after the site can be opened, the day out of the single and returned to the beginning of only one or two of the state.

it’s a big blow to me. This is known as the Internet

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