Smamoo God mother the world’s first smart bottle is about to detonate all the chips

Smamoo God mom smart bottle is expected to be raised in August 6th Jingdong congregation." The news came out, attracted a lot of attention to their dad nurse. What is the mother of God Smamoo smart bottle has a powerful function; how to solve the intelligent features of the baby feeding problem; smart bottle is how to change the traditional way of feeding…… Such questions and attractions, so smart bottle has become the focus of the new generation of parents hot.


as everyone knows, at present, there are Chinese healthy development of infants food safety worries, feeding and nursing is not reasonable, parenting education confusion and other issues. 80, after 90 parents are generally faced with a lot of confusion and confusion of scientific parenting, in real life, they have obvious conflicts and contradictions with the older generation of parenting ideas. Based on the parental status of these new generation, the domestic entrepreneurial team "MEG" independent research and development of intelligent design of the world’s first bottle in the true sense.

at present, in the domestic market, there have been many brands played a "smart bottle" propaganda selling point, but most of them realize heating, constant temperature, disinfection and other functions based on the traditional bottle, still remain in the upgrading and transformation of traditional hardware, with the current popular smart hardware concept, are not true the meaning of intelligent bottle.


Smamoo mom smart bottle has an intelligent temperature control system, can automatically distinguish between water and milk, and the water and milk automatically constant at the most appropriate drinking temperature. At the same time, Smamoo God mother intelligent feeder realizes non-contact real-time measurement, color change by the bottle with ring lights, display temperature, mom and dad in the nursing baby no longer repeatedly against the water, eliminating the need to feed the baby on the back of the hand on the temperature of the milk link. Smamoo God mother smart bottle to the baby the most suitable temperature, so that the baby drink every milk is not cool not hot, better absorption, to the new generation of parents to bring a new way of easy feeding anytime, anywhere.


as the intelligent bottle a true sense of the mother of God, Smamoo intelligent feeder based on mobile Internet environment, by association and APP, drinking amount, milk time, nutrient intake data can record the baby every day, and can through the mobile phone, Apple Watch and other equipment to remotely view daily baby feeding. At the same time, users can also set up a private archives for the healthy growth of baby baby, according to age, height, weight, environment, baby tailored scientific parenting plan for, appropriate, timely and appropriate "personalized. In addition, Smamoo God mother intelligent feeder has professional nursing, pediatric experts and doctors, to provide 7*24 hours online consulting service for users, pay more attention to the user in infant care, parenting and other aspects of the guidance and service.

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