Ma Yun called the more than 1 thousand women together What did they say

Alibaba held a global conference of women entrepreneurs, but not a business chat.

"don’t forget to put on makeup."

"dress up, queen."

walked into the scene of the first global conference of women entrepreneurs, I think of Ali’s public relations, probably also a little understanding of their meeting for the setting: everything is pink and purple.

"there can be no Alibaba without women. Alibaba Thanksgiving there are women, there is no woman in the world can hardly imagine what it will look like." 5.20-5.21, Ma and Alibaba held a global conference of women entrepreneurs". However, this Congress accounted for 49% of the female employees of the Alibaba and did not cause much reaction, the online Ali issued a total of two relevant information, in response to a handful.


, according to official data, in May 20th the first day of the meeting more than 1000 women from all walks of life to attend, including guest lectures and Hollywood star Jessica · Alba, founder of maternal electricity supplier; and "Huffington post" founder Arianna · Huffington, drops fast company president Liu Qing, actor Zhao Wei, President of the World Bank senior adviser Melanie Volcker, YAHOO’s chief · the development officer Jacqueline’s etc..

I’m sitting next to a lady in a big dress. She is a Alibaba customer, with two Alibaba export platform, it is not easy to come to the meeting, this time Ali gave only a quota in Guangxi". Needless to say, that’s her.

in the subsequent agenda, she grabbed the microphone (this question is really not easy), ask the British ambassador Ms. Wu Baina: in the process of entrepreneurship, more women than men in


asked the question, she sat down with a smile on her face, and then turned to me and said, "Oh, I forgot to take your picture.".

dense sitting can accommodate hundreds of people in the auditorium, each one is her "".


of them have people 2 years old the child’s mother read PhD, (also the directors of both companies and the CEO of a company), selling agricultural and sideline products performing graduates, the propaganda department minister, female and from the Internet, logistics, domestic training, cultural media industry…… They may be "Amoy girl", Ali’s partner, users or future potential customers — than Zhao Wei and Jessica · Alba, Ma is more concerned about these people.

according to Alibaba ecosystem data, the female owner of the active store occupied 50.1% of the big Taobao trading platform, the ratio of

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