Entrepreneurship is more than far away in front of the responsibility and ambition and defend and br

entrepreneurial ambitions and far more than the immediate responsibility and sticking, and bread.

but also because of this, in order to challenge themselves. Some entrepreneurs will insist, insist on their own goals, beliefs; some entrepreneurs will Sike, by all means, despite the retreat; there is certainly no shortage of people who give up. Most of us entrepreneurs believe that persistence is not necessarily right, but if you do not insist on nothing. Don’t give up, you always have a chance, but Sike Na, is a way to go black, walk to the end. How to distinguish and adhere to Sike, entrepreneurs have different definitions of his own.

is called the riches and honour in seeking


remember last year I met a 90 entrepreneurs, there is a lot of strength, in order to start the car sold, the credit card full brush burst, the result of the company’s failure to repay a debt. He and I said a few words: "the failure is inevitable, success is accidental, is must adhere to, but Sike down is doomed to failure, sometimes when the let or let go, no need to sike".

many Internet entrepreneurs, the user is running out of cash, slow growth, before the user day decline, is not to consider the situation, just blindly follow the trend to continue to burn, knowing that they have deviated from the orbit of entrepreneurship.


venture itself is a road of no return, will withstand most people do not have pain, founder of most startups, is your head don’t work in the waistband, more is on the other side and a family to take care of, no one can fall reasons, only the life to but even this stick, not be able to succeed.

Not to


nearly two or three years I know there are several new friends are liabilities, although some got the financing, but it still belongs to the half-dead.

A: a friend is my classmate, children 5 years old, last year made a O2O project, May to get financing, then get the 2 million Angel round of foreign claims 10 million, after a large area spread channels, burn subsidies to obtain the user, said at the end of the year to break, recently told me that now the debt of 200 thousand.

B: friends met in an activity, do a business and social business projects, mainly through the sale of some 9 APP 9 registered company, registered trademark, in July last year to get 2 million 500 thousand financing, crazy hiring, all kinds of money to do promotion, at the end of last year the company took a staff the front half, told me that when the failure of financing, has owed more than ten million, said the money to finance all will be good.

friend C: I was a former colleague, last year to do a white-collar crowd tailored to take away the project, said to do APP, the results of later technology outsourcing, >

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