May be the most wonderful entrepreneurs and incubators in history

entrepreneurs may be one of the hardest jobs in modern society.

some years without pay or low wages, usually late at night, weekends, too busy to have a girlfriend, in the cafe business drinking discount Instant Coffee hope to meet an angel investor or partner, coupled with the air inlet, timing and luck, finally get a chance to go to the NASDAQ bell from 10 thousand people. This is the entrepreneur in the eyes of most people. But there is another kind of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship for them is just a rich life experience, is an attempt to pursue the dream. Success is good, it can not fail — another try, it also became a serial entrepreneur.

, for example, the girl called Sara and her collection of clubs, kitsweet, as well as what he called 90 and his toy gang. Their incubator called sugar (UTOUU) dreamworks.

is not equal to the entrepreneurial wealth

monsa is a very professional pastry chef in Texas have completed EMBA Arlington college, studying abroad West back from New Zealand’s pastry chef. She found in the city of Shanghai, the atmosphere of the petty bourgeoisie, and not a foreigner patent dessert. More and more people love dessert for breakfast, for example, as a delicacy; more and more girls to bake as a hobby and making an appearance and taste the same exquisite dessert, is a very rewarding. Sara decided to open a saycheese hand dessert shop.


: Sweet agency monsa and Nadia

is not so simple but baking. As a foreign imports, need special baking ingredients, supporting tools, mature formula and simple training, the four indispensable. At present, the baking market, there are all kinds of dessert, baking class, have dessert ingredients of the Taobao franchise stores, but they are unable to make a person become a good teacher, making a Tiramisu dessert or Macarons, formula 10 in several difficult exploration not true and false; Sherlock series production requires foreign ingredients. Can buy 100 copies of the only one; for food safety more people consider making a cake cake at home, but most of the oven in a month after idle.

for "lazy" and "purchase" and "high failure rate" and other issues, monsa established agency Kitsweet in sweet dessert based on her own for baking lovers one scheme described, in short is to solve all kinds of problems, the production of baking ingredients: from the formulation, to provide professional good food collocation and distribution services, tutorial, sweet agency for ordinary zero based Goods are available in all varieties., baking enthusiasts can also complete the exquisite dessert in the window.

‘s other partner, Wang Meina, was a little girl. For her, it is not only a career, but also a childhood dream of her own

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