Financing freeze nternet entrepreneurs don’t want to knock the alarm overnight

in recent years, with the decline of traditional industries such as real estate, entrepreneurs have eyes on the internet. The influence of multiple factors in the "good Internet plus" concept popular, good policy support, investment market, Internet business increasingly popular trend. Not only the surge in the number of entrepreneurs, and the total amount of financing has also hit a new high. However, from the second half of 2015, a sudden turn for the worse situation.

in addition to the capital market into the winter period of this factor, the most important thing is some Internet business has become the "show" of the show, only a gimmick no real business projects. Boasted that he would become the next Ma entrepreneurs, continue to participate in various names of the Internet conference…… Such an Internet venture, but also how long?

was originally the Internet venture and physical entrepreneurship, the need to continue to meet the difficulties, and strive to develop. But the Internet business flourishes myth makes Internet entrepreneurs become more and more impetuous. It seems that as long as the project has good marketing gimmick, do, can become a myth maker. It also makes a lot of Internet entrepreneurs do not sink the heart to do business, but will hope to speculate on the delusion of one day to become a lucky.

previously, a "95, female, high school entrepreneurship, the two dimension label such as" 17 year old girl Wang Kaixin, the creation of the magic department to get two more than 15 million yuan of financing, the investor, including real time warp, envy of everyone. But in some time ago, "magic department evaporate" and "crazy layoffs" news, Wang Kai Xin the so-called adorable girl down from the moment. A good design seems to be a "show", it was punctured, make people sigh.

however, in order to be able to expand visibility, access to financing, staged every day N field roadshow, entrepreneurship contest and other activities, the Internet has become the favorite of entrepreneurs. And many entrepreneurs do not participate occasionally, but often involved. Just imagine, if you put much effort in this exchange meeting, nature of the game, and the foundation of the project bring much effect? Say more directly, is a speculative psychology.

and these continue to "show" the Internet business, has lost the core spirit of enterprising. And this will bring a fatal blow. Not only the spirit of the Internet will be a fault, will also directly affect the creation of a groundbreaking Internet venture.

in the Internet business is still a "show" at the same time, the winter capital has been quietly. To get the trust of investors is really a bright future entrepreneurial projects. From the current environment, the Internet has the potential for entrepreneurial projects, the financing will be more. Holding speculative psychology, not playing a stable foundation, it is difficult to get the favor of investors.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University Institute of Internet finance, Beijing North Investment and IT orange had jointly issued the first half of 2016 China Internet >

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