Li Kaifu in Silicon Valley to see these trends in science and technology perhaps the opportunity fo

tiger sniffing note: This article is the beginning of Li Kaifu’s WeChat public number obtained, he reproduced the sina science and technology finishing this article, Li Kaifu: I saw the forefront of technology trends in Silicon Valley. Li Kaifu said that he was at the beginning of this year, with more than and 100 people, spent 15 days on apple, Google, Facebook, Airbnb, Tesla, twitter, YC incubator and other 18 well-known companies in the United States to visit Silicon Valley, Google, YAHOO, YC Yang Zhiyuan leather guess incubator SAM, Milner, DST father Andy Rubin Andrews 26 science and technology circles.

then had his share of the Silicon Valley, through to these enterprises and technology heavyweights exchanges, Li Kaifu tried to figure out how they perceive artificial intelligence, unmanned aerial vehicles, AR, VR etc. these trends nowadays is like a raging fire and in the future, and these enterprises in the layout of industry which is worth learning. Always follow the pace for Silicon Valley Chinese science and technology enterprises, especially for those above technology trends into entrepreneurship in the people, Li Kaifu allows you to share the above enterprises and celebrities taking "dialogue", for entrepreneurs, or have a certain reference value, after all, every day in a brief. Pit.

is part of Li Kaifu’s share:


to talk about some of the more eye-catching things. I think there are some interesting discussions at each meeting. For example, with the father of Andy Rubin (Android) discussion is very interesting, he did the company called Playground Global, in fact, the Wall Street journal has reported a lot of. See him that day, we just saw that Boston Dynamics (Google’s military large robotic company Boston power) of the robot dog.

the dog is very good, I also play it. It is also quite fate, because the founder of the Boston Dynamics Marc Raibert, before the CMU (Carnegie Mellon University, Li Kaifu’s alma mater) Professor, I was a student, his office is next door to me. At that time he did in the CMU project is a hop, and then jump a minute without falling robot. But at that time, if you touch it with a stick, it will fall. And then there was a bunch of thick, very long lines, connected to the computer, which is the earliest case.

A few days ago that

Shuabing do kick won’t fall down machine dog and robot, actually has a lot of progress iteration. At that time, Marc Raibert founded Boston Dynamics, and received the U.S. Department of defense research funding, specifically to do robot research. It’s not easy to get four feet from one foot, and then back to the two feet, and each step is not easy, so it has cost the U.S. Department of defense to get close to $100 million

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