The incubator of 90% this year will die because entrepreneurs keep up the quality 2

Abstract: the incubator can more entrepreneurs in place, it will produce more entrepreneurial opportunities, this perspective, located around the surrounding schools and relatively large enterprises, is a very important condition.


incubator is the first element of success

With the vigorous development of

business incubator, now also began to rise because the general bamboo shoots after a spring rain, I got a teahouse in Hangzhou inadvertently wanpiao nature, also have a rather baffling more than 7 thousand and 100 shareholders, inadvertently become a so-called incubator. Although, I never thought of becoming an incubator, the process, I have had a lot of thinking. So take it out to discuss with everyone, I think the incubator is very easy to start, but it is difficult to get to the last thing, because he is ultimately to hatch a good project to ensure survival.

I think a successful incubator needs to have a few basic conditions, otherwise the final result will not be good. Who can do it may not be able to do it, he is not a big capital in the business model can be successful, he has a lot of money can not be piled up on the grounds.

I feel an incubator can succeed in the first factor is actually lots, many people say that it is not real estate, how also with lots of relationships.

but in fact globally a successful business incubator or with lots are inseparable, the Silicon Valley area has a large number of various entrepreneurial cafe, distribution centered at Stanford University, dispersed, or why the core in Stanford University as the foundation, yet, because these incubators provide Stanford University a large number of entrepreneurs.

The incubator

we are in many large companies around also saw many characteristics, Silicon Valley surrounding a large company around there are also many cafes, also spawned a number of outstanding enterprises, so a good location, in fact, is not to say that the city center, but to look around the output of entrepreneurs in the end how much this possibility. It is important, in a more easy to produce local entrepreneurs, the probability of success to build incubators will be higher.

you get together in a pile of garbage to do the incubator, how to do is dead

In fact, there are two kinds of

in the United States, one is the Silicon Valley school, a school is the Wall Street school, obviously, in the past the rich and elite, are Wall Street, but in recent years Silicon Valley entrepreneurs gathered, A new force suddenly rises., Wall Street is a very stable system, obvious regional entrepreneurial class, it is difficult to rise head and shoulders above others, so Silicon Valley, Wall Street and the bustling, mature and stable, the former entrepreneur, incubator, which is working in the elite. So, an incubator, if from the regional advantages, the possibility to abruptly hit an incubator will be very low.

I said earlier, entrepreneurs, in fact, I feel that the so-called entrepreneur is a deep heart

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