Snap will be held March 2nd PO two founder net worth nearly 4 billion

to burn after reading for the characteristics of mobile phone chat Snapchat (Snap parent company) is the listing procedures, according to the price range of the latest, the two founders will become billionaires, the protagonist Spig wealth of up to $4 billion 200 million.


Snapchat’s two founders were Spig, 26, and, aged Murphy (Bobby), respectively, in. Spig served as chief executive officer, as chief technology officer, Murphy’s personal wealth is expected to reach $3 billion 630 million.

on Thursday, Snap company to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to provide a new revised prospectus, said the company’s stock offering price range of $14 to $16 per share.

according to Recode quoted sources said the company will be in March 1st to determine the issue price, and in March 2nd in the New York stock exchange listing. Another technology media Business Insider also reported a similar message.

calculated in accordance with the issue price high, Snap market capitalization of $18 billion, if coupled with the staff and management of restricted stock layer holding hands, and special stock awards for Spig, the total market value of all stocks of the company will reach US $22 billion.

in addition to Spig and Murphy, a number of venture capital institutions have come to harvest the fruit of the moment.

in accordance with the issue price of $16 high, the following is the latest Snap asset value of the founders and venture capital companies:


Spig: co-founder and CEO:42.2 billion (including the next three years to honor the stock awards)

Murphy: co-founder and CTO:36.3 billion

benchmark capital: $2 billion 110 million

speed VCs: $1 billion 370 million

vice president Tim Sehn:1.1 $100 million

chief strategy officer Imran Khan:4500 million

these assets are calculated in accordance with the Snap stock, but when it comes to the market, some executives or VCs will transfer the old shares cash. It is reported that Spig and Murphy will sell 16 million shares of the stock, the two will receive about $260 million in cash in the first place.

actually, the two founders have also transferred part of the stock last year, the cash of $8 million in cash.

as a contrast, Zuckerberg present wealth of $56 billion, and the head of Tesla SpaceX musk personal net worth of $14 billion, Twitter and Square two CEO Dorsey has a wealth of 1 billion 250 million U.S. dollars. (compiler / Chenxi).

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