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"Forbes" magazine recently released the 2015 version of Chinese "China 30 entrepreneurs under 30 years old" list, and that "Forbes" American version released "the 30 entrepreneurs under 30 years old" comparison, entrepreneurial environment difference between the two countries a lot of young entrepreneurs. Why do entrepreneurs continue to maintain the creation of the United States in the face of a new generation of passenger growth trend, what is the university with these questions, the reporter walked into the University and a number of passenger space, find the answer.

status: China young entrepreneurs rarely choose traditional industries

according to Forbes Chinese version of the list shows that the advantages of the Beijing region is obvious, occupy 13. In terms of age, 90 have 5, the youngest was born in 1993. On the field of view, China’s Internet and mobile Internet industry to join up to 12 young people, while the U.S. version of the young entrepreneurs list only about 8. In the United States, the most popular young people in the field of entrepreneurship for energy (5), real estate (4), these areas of China’s list of young people are not very successful business.

entrepreneurship is divided into two kinds, one is I think of an idea, want to try, and the other is that I want to start a business, I find a point. At present the domestic young people tend to prefer the latter, the significance of entrepreneurship is also focused on what I do need to better address the needs of users, rather than I need to do a completely different things to solve the problem." Entrepreneur Zhang Yueting said.

read out, it is not difficult to find, China young entrepreneurs rarely choose the traditional industry, and electricity providers, online games become the biggest new commercial power the rise of the blue ocean. American young entrepreneurs are good at breaking down trade barriers with the established order, and has the characteristics of global high-tech innovation; China young people often still remain in the starting from the application, or for traditional industries to find a position in the network platform, or imitate the developed countries to the needs of the user oriented product innovation service stage.

breeds high quality innovation takes time, the domestic local angel investors tend to have no confidence in this type of business and the ability to identify, coupled with young people with less external resources, it is difficult to get investment. China’s young entrepreneurs need to nurture, not every idea is perfect at the beginning. Our young people are not creative enough to innovate, have a relationship with the imagination of young people, and education are also related." Zhang Wei, director of innovation and entrepreneurship education platform, Tsinghua University, said.

problem: the disadvantage of information asymmetry

for innovation and vitality to win young entrepreneurs, the gap between China and the United States is the entrepreneurial environment or innovation strength?

Guangdong to Beijing young entrepreneurs Chen Yuyin remember last year, he repeatedly import Industrial and Commercial Bureau door "cattle" stopped the scene, "so many times not to do, we won!" the difficult start is the primary problem facing many campus entrepreneurs. "At the beginning of the business, usually in the information asymmetry of the disadvantages, and not to say that there is no place to consult, to attract foreign investment, but how to standardize"

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