O2O winter difficult to start financing difficult to subsidize how to live

capital cold winter, entrepreneurship difficult, which seems to be the consensus view of the current industry; for this dilemma, the industry heavyweights, star entrepreneurs and top investment people have a kind of cognitive?

in the last week of 2015 NetEase NetEase sponsored by the science and technology of future technology summit, the Internet and venture capital circles star studded, at the top of the O2O field, several entrepreneurs in the field and the star company CEO to now O2O attention in the field of hot topic: "O2O not subsidies how to live?" "O2O financing?" one by one to answer.

in the 2015 NetEase future technology summit Entrepreneurship Forum, 58 market group CEO Yao Jinbo said, now is a very critical moment, "service life" from the word "O2O" appears at the top, up to now no attention even misunderstood by many, probably only one year. It believes that this year O2O by the media, investors and entrepreneurs attention, crazy crazy burn, crazy investment subsidies, have exacerbated the field survival of the fittest. He also revealed that many projects are now facing the development of the dilemma, of course, in the predicament can be killed to see the dawn of victory.

of course, Yao Jinbo is the focus of the industry as a whole to observe the current problems encountered by O2O; from the perspective of future development, there is still a lot of space O2O. At the same time, Xu Xinhe and Yang Haoyong have a common view: there are a lot of opportunities in traditional industries to wait for O2O to transform, to upgrade, these are the opportunities for entrepreneurs.

at this point in time, for the entrepreneurs must take a good rhythm, as Yang Haoyong said, entrepreneurship is like sailing, in the fall when the speed line to remains stable.

next, look at the 58, 58 market market group CEO Yao Jinbo Group Co CEO Yang Haoyong, today the capital founder and President Xu Xin and E CEO, director of home cleaning Yuntao Huatai Securities Research Institute director Wang Yumei, a lot of real partner and COO cengxi is how to review the O2O NetEase in the future technology summit.

O2O entrepreneurship there is a chance?

Yao Jinbo: today, Chinese services in the field of life is very fragmented, there are so many brands, possibly because of the mobile Internet, because O2O the term was overturned in the next five to ten years; many traditional enterprises, regardless of your past more powerful (though) you are on the company, has five hundred stores, twenty thousand employees, has 50 years of history, these are not important, maybe some new entrepreneurs with a new method, no shop, on your mobile phone, in your circle of friends, may let his service not just in one city, but in an industry occupy a considerable share.

Xu Xin: many industries are able to improve efficiency and reduce costs. I have been with the traditional industries, you have Internet strategy, we voted in a company called Ichiban shop, this year will be 450 million, a large part of the Internet traffic is brought to it, if you don’t have to.

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