Chinese Entrepreneurs small and medium sized cities enthusiastic half of users want to venture 19% u

[Abstract] entrepreneurship has caused a lot of unwilling to present town youth, they decided to change themselves, even to change the world. At present, almost all of the research on the entrepreneurial market, are about the entrepreneur. For China’s Internet age and the potential needs of entrepreneurship and energy, we have until today, there is still a lack of a valuable research data.

entrepreneurship in today’s China, in the end only a few people, or has inspired more people deep in the hearts of the impulse?

is a large city entrepreneurial knowledge elite exclusive, or has caused a lot of unwilling to present town youth, they decided to change themselves, even to change the world?


Tencent science and technology "Penguin wisdom cool" column is hereby launched the "Chinese segmentation crowd entrepreneurial potential survey". In the collection and analysis from 20 provinces (including autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) 57375 of the sample survey, we found some surprising phenomenon is happening today in the city and county China……

Nearly half of

users have entrepreneurial ideas, 19% users have started

in nearly sixty thousand users involved in the survey, the 25898 think they have more entrepreneurial ideas, accounting for up to 45%. The user has been on the entrepreneurial road accounted for 19%.


note: the survey of entrepreneurship is not only refers to the Internet business, but also in the traditional industry of entrepreneurial practice

believes that he has never had entrepreneurial ideas only 3%. Because the survey is limited to the network, if placed on a larger scale, the relative ratio may be reduced.


interpretation: only 3% of the non entrepreneurs, this data shows that the network information age, the spread of information for the concept of entrepreneurship has played a very good role in promoting. More frequent contact with the network and information users, to learn more about entrepreneurship, the possibility of greater potential for entrepreneurship.

young people are the main force of entrepreneurship, more than 40 years old still have a dream

then we do a breakdown of the data statistics:


has started in the net friend, 21-30 years old young people accounted for 48.2%, ranked first, and 31-40 year old crowd ranked the top second.

‘s surprising contrast is that young people under the age of 20 accounted for only about 2.9% of the business (even if the economy is dependent on the minors, the proportion is still surprising). The 41-50 year old middle-aged group, accounting for 12.2%.

such a trend also appears in the proportion of "not yet entrepreneurial, but the idea of" the crowd. In this group of potential business segmentation statistics, 21-30 years old crowd

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