The effect of high quality of the chain of keywords ranking

today I experienced to talk about the high quality of the chain of keywords ranking effect.

I wrote this article is to give some suggestions to the novice webmaster friends on your own experience, want to do keyword ranking, the first thing to do original content, then to do outside the chain of high quality, do the high quality chain do not greedy, some high weight website if you can leave a high quality the chain well, don’t you, because the supervision mechanism of high weight website they are very strict, once you register to add links, will bring you hard published articles deleted.

the limited level of the author, only in his painful lesson summary, hope and common progress, adhere to adhere to, in the road network business, to insist on.



I have a small station, is the router settings network, before always adhere to the original article and adhere to the high quality of the chain, from the official update to now there are more than a month, the main keywords and some have entered the second page, such as the router set this keyword. Now love Shanghai algorithm have higher requirements for the keywords ranking, the first is the original article, followed by the high quality of the chain, and pay more attention to the original article. I had been in mining can send the high quality of the chain, a phoenix fast Bo recently discovered the webmaster tools checked love Shanghai weights and Google weights are 6, is indeed a rare high can send the chain place. Because the Phoenix fast Bo belongs to ifeng贵族宝贝’s blog, so love is the second of Shanghai. A few days ago I published a wireless router how to set the article, this article take the station links, results in 2 minutes by the love of Shanghai collected, checked all the keywords ranking, keyword ranking has been rising, especially the keywords rose 18, up from the original more than 60 to more than 40. I intend to do today at noon and the high quality chain in Phoenix was fast, too greedy, bursts of 5 articles, the fast Bo was sealed, the search keywords ranking, dropped a lot, especially the keyword, and fall back to more than 60, following a photo card. The first picture is in love inside the Shanghai Phoenix fast search Bo, love Shanghai and there are records, but in the point display is deleted, the blog is disabled. The second picture is on the website main keywords ranking of the high quality of the chain is deleted.

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