Data analysis what kind of character is the founder of success



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" from 0 to 1, author Peter · Till, founder of PayPal Facebook, the first outside investors. Known as the Silicon Valley, "Paypal Mafia" (The PayPal) boss, to talk about his entrepreneurial experience that year, the godfather of entrepreneurs, worth a visit.

Of the six founders of

PayPal, a bomb was made in high school in the past four years.

at that time, five of them were only about 23 years old and younger. The four person is not born in the United States, three of which were from socialist countries or former socialist countries: Pan Yu from China, Luke · nosek from Poland, Marx · Levchin from Ukraine. It wasn’t a kid’s time to make a bomb in those countries.


six is regarded as a freak. The first time I talked to Luke about why he signed up for cryonics experiments, namely dead bodies will be frozen, and look forward to the future of medical progress can be brought back to life. Marx claimed to be stateless, and proud of it, the Soviet Union collapsed, their family came to the United States, his family in a diplomatic embarrassment. Las · to stop the original Simmons in the park a trailer home, into the Illinois Polytechnic School later. Only to · Huo Wiley has good childhood children in the United States: he is the only PayPal of the Eagle Scout. But Ken’s classmates thought he was crazy to join us, and the salary was only 1/3. So he’s not completely normal.

All of the

, or we only remember the personal independence of conduct? Or exaggerated the most unique place the founder body? More importantly, founder of body what personal trait is to help them succeed? This chapter will discuss why the people led a personal independence of conduct than the general manager, more powerful, and at the same time the more dangerous.

1 is driving the company personality personal independence of conduct progress of engine

some are strong, some are weak, some people are gifted, some foolish, but most people in between the two extremes. Draw people’s position, you can see a bell curve (see Figure 14-2).


because of the many founders seem to have extreme traits, two at the end of curve graph you may guess the performance characteristics of the founder will be wide, because both ends of the people (see figure 14-3).


but that doesn’t capture the most peculiar side of the founders. In general, we hold that the opposite qualities repel each other, for example, a man can not be poor and rich, but this often

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