The Red Army the difference between blog and enterprise stand optimization

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2, a large amount of information

According to the location of website program

program is different, different content

Red Army Shanghai dragon website is to use blog system, see many of my friends asked to do is to use Shanghai dragon or enterprise stand do better? It would discuss the difference between enterprises and optimize the station blog. In the city of Shanghai dragon industry + Shanghai home, love is a big part of the blog program, is the blog program than the enterprise stand optimization? In fact, blog program than enterprise website in the procedure has some advantages, the advantages of those of the


blog program higher requirements on the quality of the content, because of a large amount of information the main blog for visitors, only to do rankings, do not consider the user experience of the blog is not for a long time. The content should ensure that there is a certain quality, original content to express their views, to enhance their visibility is very helpful, or reproduced some valuable articles to share with friends, as mentioned before the original and pseudo original, with a large number of false original blog if it will hit his own brand.

3, with a message function, users of the message is to help you update.


but this is not absolute advantage, choose the blog and the enterprise stand will see the following

1, the first is the blog program page update greatly, search engine update frequency of love.

home page

enterprise station if required will be less, can do for ranking, enterprise PV station is usually less than the value to the blog PV, because enterprises need to provide the station is a telephone number or QQ number, a large number of articles are generally very few people to see the original every day is very consumption experience, enterprises should consider the pseudo original or reproduced.



is red men of the blog and a summary of enterprise station optimization difference, and they hope to help you!

so we take the city of Shanghai dragon + for example, we must first determine what you have to do the site to site to a location. Red soldiers doing the main purpose of this blog is to Shanghai dragon in the form of a diary to share my experience in learning the Shanghai dragon. Do blogs are generally personal webmaster, so blog advantage is to build a personal brand, and the enterprise station is mainly used to access list, enhance corporate brand, more commercial some. For example, want to do website optimization is more popular in the business station, because the more formal feel more secure! All have the advantage.

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