Love Shanghai to promote the basis of Article 1 account login and view information

3. to enter this page is love Shanghai promotion background landing page for the first time on the need to install the security controls (input password, click on the map) to install the plug-in (preferably after preservation and plug-in installation, directly installed if possible not installed). At the same time because of vicious competition, 360 security guards will report to Shanghai plug Trojan, please don’t delete

will be verified through post login to the promotion of the background page, as shown in figure

two, landing operation:

2. direct input 贵族宝贝www2.baidu贵族宝贝 landing


love Shanghai love Shanghai promotion is a pioneering result paid by the network promotion, simple and convenient operation "can bring a lot of potential customers for the enterprise, effectively enhance corporate visibility and sales. There are more than 100 million people in Shanghai love to find information every day, enterprises in Shanghai registered with the relevant keywords love products, potential customers will be active to find these products find.


by agents on behalf of Shanghai, a registered love promotion account, users only need to provide a business license, website promotion, corporate identity can be URL. Login username, English, digital Chinese characters can be combined, the password for the


love Shanghai promotion was launched by Shanghai love company, enterprises in the purchase of the service, a certain number of keywords submitted by registered, its promotional information will be the first to appear in the corresponding Internet search results. When the user is simply retrieved using a keyword, the search results page will appear advertising content associated with the keyword. The keyword advertising is in the retrieval of specific keywords, appeared prominently in the search results page. Such as: business owners submitted the words "Wang Yue network" in Shanghai registration, when consumers or users looking for "Wang Yue network" information, Enterprise priority will be to find love in Shanghai according to the actual traffic (potential visitors) charges, every click fees ranging from a few cents to a few dollars. Decided by the level of competition of enterprise products.


case with numbers

4. is the first landing usually have a mobile phone authentication function, to prevent the need to bind the mobile phone account stolen. Or you change your login location will prompt the security question, input.



1. browser choice: the best love Shanghai, Chrome (browser Google browser), Firefox (Firefox) and the window of the world, is not recommended to use the IE browser (more cards, now love Shanghai to promote the system upgrade, IE8 does not support), can not use the 360 browser.

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