Look at the way love Shanghai algorithm and the algorithm of Scindapsus Scindapsus

some sites due to the regular optimization time is too long, the effect is not obvious, in an attempt to improve their website ranking in the search engines through hyperlinks to buy high weight, with money in exchange for cheating links, search engine and user for ranking, this kind of love is the object of Shanghai heavy blow to.

at the beginning of 2013, Shanghai launched a love called "combat link trading behavior Scindapsus algorithm", in 2012, Shanghai made a love link cheating adjustment and blow. The main object of attack intention behavior affect the ranking of search results through hyperlinks to cheat in the exams. And in 2013 the green algorithm is hyperlink for cheating combat upgrade. From this two attack, can know love Shanghai for hyperlink cheating and cheating in an attempt to control the search results of the attitude is very tough.

what we know is that if you want to be in stable, so we need to do is to concentrate on the station, regular do their own website, do not use any means of cheating, in fact, Shanghai dragon is not complicated. "

3. buy links

1. hyperlink intermediary website

hyperlink intermediary website is the integration of selling links of the owners and want to buy a bridge link station, refers to the search for links in exchange for some willing to sell the benefits of the site, to help them to find the right people to buy, or to help buy links for link sale webmaster, this process of trading and processing through the intermediary links.

Internet above is still part of the site itself weight is good, but want to get more benefits, some will choose to sell the hyperlink position for profit, through the sale of their own website external hyperlinks, this type of website is also within striking range of love in Shanghai.

2. sold the website links

can see, such a blow to the user experience as the core, conscientiously do Shanghai Longfeng optimization webmaster, is undoubtedly a good news. For those who seek to think through opportunistic way to enhance the ranking of the webmaster, this is a big news. Then the network announced in Shanghai by the odd love Webmaster Platform see love for Shanghai algorithm, three types of Web site for processing and combat.

for the above three types of Web site owners for the regular treatment, there is no effect, but with 2013.2.21 today, Scindapsus algorithm will "Shanghai dragon training" search results before the big reshuffle, ranking the "Shanghai dragon training institute Shanghai Dragon Phoenix trad, Shanghai VIP, Shanghai, 915 dragon dragon a symbol of war in ancient China" the website rankings are gone. It is the result of Scindapsus algorithm, this is what we don’t know, love Shanghai there are several reasons for this treatment, the treated site is belong to three categories against the object, this is not what we know.

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