23andMe development history the medical and health sector is a kind of entrepreneurial experience


the last two years in the field of health entrepreneurship suddenly fire up, the temperature and the weather in Beijing these two days. Many people confused in a year or so after suddenly toss my voice: not ah. In the medical field with the original entrepreneurial pioneer almost, technology is not mature, the market is invisible, users of damages, there are a bunch of people throwing stones do supervision on the shore, Zezheng? Today we have approached an encounter such predecessors, look at the people is exactly eight years time to get through.


this is the famous gene testing company 23andMe. Before the start, we need to understand a truth, that is used for the detection of 23andMe gene is the gene chip screening technology, detection of the SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms polymorphism, single nucleotide), not known as the BGI gene sequencing do.

how to understand this thing? For example, a sudden power outage, in order to understand why the power, there are two ways: the first is to put all the wires all over the investigation, and then find the damage location; second is that usually very easy to damage to point to the investigation. The pros and cons of these two methods is obvious, gene sequencing is a comprehensive investigation of the gene technology; and the use of 23andMe SNP chip screening technology is the focus of the investigation of the second.

The history of the development of

through 23andMe, you will feel that this is a pretty cool company. Why do you say that?

2007, 23andMe began to provide genetic testing services for ordinary users, while the human genome project was completed just two years time. That is to say, when gene technology or highbrow, 23andMe saw the future for the general population genetic testing market. Of course, the trend is the trend, difficulty is a no less, below we see how 23andMe Sike one by one.

cultivate the market: must hit the money down the price!

23andMe choose to enter the market through SNP detection is undoubtedly wise. First, gene chip technology began in the last century in 80s, has been relatively mature, using this method can avoid the huge cost of the equipment required for whole genome sequencing; secondly, the service content tend to study better and more interesting areas in the field, such as ancestor analysis, tracing, alcohol tolerance detection, gene detection of breast cancer etc.. This will effectively reduce the cost of equipment and research and development, but also reduce the medical risk. But even so, it is still very difficult to allow users to pay for a completely unfamiliar technology, so lowering the price threshold is imperative.

23andMe provides services in 2007, the price of $999;

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