From an old watch Wangzhuan and quality problemsHow can we make money through the nternet

for our different sites, we can adapt to their own way, do information website, in order to quickly obtain revenue, you can sell things, increase Mall function. Do mall in order to attract users, you can first do information, do forums. According to their actual situation, to find a suitable profit model, the survival and development of the site is indeed very important.

can see baseless invective and very vulgar words.

first, what is the network, fundamentally speaking, the network is a new way of information transmission, and the previous registration, television, radio purposes, is the form of different. For example, the cost is relatively low, easy to release new content, and large amount of information, without time and space control.

it happened in 2010 September, just over a month ago. The cause of the matter is this: in August, I participated in the recommendation of Hui Long mart for 5 yuan reward, and successfully recommended 30 valid members and 1 invalid members. However, due to a long time mall encountered cheating problems, was forced to delay payment, and soon by "unknown truth masses" into a liar. In September 13th, I received a referral bonus payment for benefits to pay, screenshots on the blog you can search for "Hui Long mall referral bonus has been paid", and find the original affixed to the Hui community for a long time, "comfort" fast losing patience with friends. Surprisingly, there was a lot of abusive language in this blog post. Screenshot follows protect privacy, erase name:

I in the blog post collection of screenshots, results from abuse, called a "learning mathematics master" independent blogger message said: "this is what meaning? Do their own on the line, you teach others why? Are you tired?" first thank you friend. For this kindly reminder, I had to laugh back. In fact, if allowed to continue to abuse, you can only bury the benefits of long time to promote the project, so that later people dare not do, in vain loss of a good project. Who would be good for the consequences? No good for anyone.

stays in College for a long time and tends to take the school as the world, so there are many things outside of campus that cannot be understood. And the Internet does not distinguish between school and off campus, the Internet itself into a world, each Internet users, under the premise of anonymity, they play the role of deviation from their actual identity. I read this article, mostly for Wangzhuan interested people, but I want to talk about, and the quality problem is: Wangzhuan Wangzhuan and a little connection. Perhaps this article is destined to only a small number of people recognized.

what is the one link, that is business, this is a lot of e-commerce sites do, Taobao so many sellers will have a large amount of transactions every day, there will be a lot of cash flow, we open a shop in Taobao, sold out of something that is, the use of information generated by the transaction to make money back. In another case, we have a website, which uses our website to sell our own things. That’s easier than making simple information and making money by advertising. To make money by trade, the Internet is a tool for the dissemination of information, and the real gains depend on selling things.

second, the way to make money through the network, said there must be a lot of friends think Wangzhuan, is to do a website, through some articles, information to attract users, and then through the user click on ads to make money. This is the most simple Wangzhuan, our website is often understood through the network to make money.


I once said in an article in Admin5’s article that "abuse has become a great thing."


now everyone on the network to understand more and more, earn money through the network have a lot of friends, but also there are many dark groping friends, here I share with you my own through some understanding of the Internet to make money.

in the process, because the user needs information, so through the network to get necessary information, our website provides such information users to our website to obtain the information, at the same time we want to publish information i.e. advertising to convey to the user.

therefore, making money through information, that is, advertising to make money, is the most basic business model of the internet. At the same time there is also a case of our information is very valuable, then we can sell this information, now many websites collect membership fee, because they can provide some general difficult to get the information of users want to know specific information, such as 51 senior members to get to date the telephone number of professional website provides some very scarce information such as information industry report. And logistics website can provide logistics information, SMS, monthly business and so on.

information the act or action that leads to the information receiver –

the logic of this abuse is "we met a lot of crooks, and, as a matter of fact, this is definitely a cheater."". If we regard this abuse as internet violence, then please reflect on what the role of abuse is. Yes, it is catharsis, just catharsis, no practical significance. Maybe some of the friends in the screenshot have been cheated before, so they’re sensitive to any questionable behavior. But what does abusive behavior reflect? It’s a matter of quality. Invective has nothing to do with morality; anyone has the right to swear. I won’t scold you, but I reserve the right to despise you. Because the curse is not earned money. Have you ever seen Ma swear?

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