Bean shell chain promotion skills

as to how the question and answer, the pupil knows, but suggested the following:

account, we can begin to answer the promotion. (Ps recommendation: first look perfect small data, such as age, residence of these fill this real point)

must first enrich the content of the website, the do it yourself, I can’t help you.

1. when presented with a problem, do not immediately change a number to the best answer, wait a moment, for so long, personal advice on.


first we know a few things:


2. in the know the link to automatically add nofollow (this you know)

1. to be asked and answered, have multiple accounts. (the best computer)

of course, you can also go directly to Taobao to buy ready-made account, but the price is slightly expensive (guokr贵族宝贝 account Taobao did not sell, I do not know why, the other is

since Prime Minister Lee visited Shenzhen maxspace, the country will hang a hit off the wind, countless maxspace as set up quickly like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, let the term a passenger into everyone’s perspective.

)The The

is the science and technology class website, we’ll have to go around and some technology related places, such as shell, known, scientific squirrel, watercress these places, although not all of these sites are related to technology, but most of the tech enthusiasts gathered. These places have a large number of DIY enthusiasts, folk scientists of this kind, is a good group.

We have to have a

good nonsense to say, here I will share how to promote science and technology website.

3. site visits are basically concentrated at twelve noon and five or six p.m.

is the second, and then get the contents of drainage, drainage is nothing more than the hair of the chain, but how efficient the chain it is a question. "Question and answer", "super soft"…… After the study, write the article, and then stay connected with good results, but too much mental, not as good as the original articles to own site. Discussing the effect is good, can attract spiders, more can attract hobbyists attention.

account can, these sites are available to registered mail account, do not use the mobile phone. So long as the mailbox can be successfully registered (Ps: watercress account and QQ account can login shell network, with watercress account do not go to the registered shell, his account on it), as for how to get the mail, you can use the disposable mailbox "(this can not understand the love of Shanghai). Of course, I recommend to buy more to Taobao mail account, so easy to manage but also very cheap.

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